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Despite spending more than a third of our lives in bed, falling (and staying) asleep remains elusive to many. These all-natural sleep aids can help set the scene for a sweet night of rest

In a project that ranked global cities for their sleeping environment, based on research about the leading causes for lack of sleep across 75 cities, London-based wellness company Alphagreen produced the 2020 City Sleep Index. On it, Hong Kong came in at No. 56, Kuala Lumpur at 63 and Singapore at 66.

The benefits of sleep are plenty— better skin and mood, weight loss, hormone balance, improved performance and focus—so if your 2021 goal is to improve your overall health, then we suggest you start by getting back into bed and getting acquainted with these wellness products. Whether it’s stress, congestion or the blinding city lights from your penthouse apartment keeping you awake (a first world problem, but a problem nonetheless), these all-natural remedies are on a mission to save your sleep.

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Bodha Calm Ritual Oil

Infuse a few drops of the Calm Ritual Oil by Los Angeles-based perfumery Bodha into your evening bath or shower. The soothing blend of lavender, Californian sage and wild geranium will soothe your senses. Calming music isn’t a must, but we recommend it.

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OTO CBD Sleep Drops

Just one dose of OTO’s CBD Sleep Drops delivers 50mg of CBD, paired with a blend of botanicals that includes butterfly pea flower and lavender, to help you wind down for a peaceful night.

Available at OTO

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Subtle Energies Sleep Easy Nasya Oil

Using the Ayurvedic practice of Nasya, where oil or powders are applied around the nostrils for a potent nose-to-brain delivery, the Sleep Easy blend by Subtle Energies works to promote sleep while reducing sinus congestion and snoring.

Available at Subtle Energies

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Bamford B Silent Night-time Pillow Mist

“Sleep is one of the essential pillars of wellness,” says Bamford founder Carole Bamford. Just a few spritzes of her skincare brand’s B Silent Night-Time Pillow Mist will have you drifting into a dream state.

Available at Net-a-Porter

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Sol Eye Mask

Light is the enemy of a good night’s sleep, and research has shown that using an eye mask can mean more REM time and a melatonin boost to promote a healthy sleep pattern. Science aside, this soft-as-heck eye mask by sustainable label Sol is like a silky blanket for your eyes.

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