Cover Learn all about the K-beauty skincare brands and products that are trending in South Korea right now (Photo: Courtesy of One Thing)

We've searched high and low to find the best skincare brands and products that are currently popular in South Korea

If, like many of us, you started binging on K-drama while in quarantine this year, you might have noticed the flawless-looking skin that all South Korean superstars seem to have. While a large part of their poreless, glowing skin may be attributed to the professional make-up and lighting, high-quality skincare is not to be overlooked. 

South Korean beauty products have surged in popularity in recent years, with people around the world all trying to achieve the same glass-like skin that K-pop and K-drama idols are sporting.

In Hong Kong, beauty brands such as Innisfree, Etude House and SK-II have long been dominating the beauty scene in the city but we've found seven lesser-known brands for you to try.

From Hera's luxury skincare to Euyira's aesthetically pleasing, minimalistic packaging, here are the best K-beauty brands South Koreans are using to achieve the youthful, glowy complexion. 

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1. Euyira

Clean, sleek and all-natural, Euyira is a K-beauty skincare brand that believes in clean skincare without using harsh chemicals. Made to strengthen your skin against environmental pollutants, Euyira’s products are gentle but effective. 

One of the brand’s most popular products is the Thirst Relief Hydrating Ampoule that controls excess oil and clears acne and redness without over irritating the skin and causing dryness and peeling.



2. Hera

Under the same parent company as Laneige and Sulwhasoo, Hera is a high-end, modern beauty brand that carries everything from make-up and skincare to perfume. While they carry three times the amount of make-up than skincare products, their skincare range complements the make-up line as they promote and prep the skin for better application. 

The cult favourite is Hera Cell Essence that promises to moisturise your skin by delivering nutrients such as amino acids and peptides, smoothing and balancing out your skin after using it for only a week. 


Longtime SK-II essence fans should give IOPE’s popular Bio-Essence a try; after all, there are thousands of reviews praising this bottle for its hydration and brightening powers.

With a focus on naturally derived product ingredients, IOPE’s skincare range mainly targets older skin concerns while using plant science. 

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4. Illiyoon

Using Korea’s herbal ingredients in most of its skincare formulas, Illiyoon is known for its ceramide products, making it perfect for dry winter months. Ceramides help form the skin’s barrier that retains moisture while protecting against environmental stressors such as dust and pollution. 

If the brand’s stellar products weren’t enough, they also offer reusable packaging for product refills, providing an environmentally friendly experience.


5. One Thing

Straight out of a Pinterest mood board, One Thing is a newer indie skincare brand that emphasises on one skincare ingredient per product. 

Using mostly plant-extracted ingredients, One Thing may not have the biggest range of skincare products, but each product is perfected to give you the most effective results. Try the Centella extract lotion which helps to treat skin inflammation and calm irritated skin 

6. Manyo Factory

One of the lesser-known brands outside of South Korea, Manyo Factory was started in 2012 with a focus on organic and natural antioxidants, using no artificial fragrances and chemicals in their products. 

For those struggling with maskne, try the Manyo Bifida Complex Ampoule which can help calm irritated skin. Afterwards, remember to product your skin from UV rays by putting on their green-tinted Our Vegan Cica Daily Sun Cream which doubles up as a makeup base to even out redness. 

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7. Hanyul

Bringing the art of traditional folk healing remedies into skincare, Hanyul combines age-old medicinal practices with modern technology to create the best skincare. Incorporating Korean ingredients such as rice, brown pine needles, Korean mushroom and native seoritae—Korean beans—the brand's wide range of products appeal to skincare lover of all ages. 

The Red Rice Essential Skin Softener is perfect for the upcoming cold months and changing weather. Made from fermented brown rice from Yeoju, expect soft, plump skin even in the driest weather. 


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