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Five tips and tricks to help you achieve the perfect red lips this festive season

Red—an auspicious colour that symbolises wealth and prosperity. With this guide, you can approach the signature red lips with confidence this year.

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Prime your lips for a longer lasting wear

For a smooth, flawless canvas to apply your lipstick, make sure to use a gentle lip scrub to remove any dry skin and flakes that may draw attention away from the finished look. 

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Hydration is key

Cracking and fine lines on red lips is a common problem that can be fixed with plenty of hydration. Before applying lipstick, use a generous amount of lip balm to maintain that full, plump look for longer. 

It's also wise to keep your lips hydrated even when you aren't looking to wear lipstick. Keep a trusty stick of lip balm on you for any occasion and if you're planning on going outside, remember that your lips also need protection from the sun, so a formula with SPF is the way to go.

It wouldn't hurt either to implement a lip mask into your skincare routine for extra hydration. 

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Lip liner for sharp definition

Many beauty beginners get overwhelmed because they are unsure on whether to use a lip liner. To answer the question, a lip liner is a great tool to create extra definition for a graphic red lip. 

But that doesn't mean that you can't achieve that defined red lip when using your bullet lipstick on its own. Many lipstick bullets are designed to give you that effect with just a few swipes, so it really comes down to your comfort level and preference. 

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Concealer is your best friend

A concealer has many functions besides covering up dark circles and imperfections. 

Following the beauty hack made viral by Kylie Jenner, a layer of concealer over the lips makes for a great base to overline the lips, creating an illusion of bigger, fuller lips.

If that's not what you're interested in, using concealer as a lip primer can also be a great way to bring cooler, more muted tones into your red lipstick. And more importantly, concealer can help sculpt your desired lip shape and clean up any mistakes that occurs during application. With a sharp edge brush, just trace the outline of your lips corner-to-corner with concealer.

If you really want to shine the spotlight on how perfectly you have applied your red lips, put a touch of highlighter to the Cupid's bow. 

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Layer for some shimmer

If you like a matte finish, your red lipstick application ends with blotting—gently rubbing a tissue over your lips to ensure even distribution of colour and prevent any teeth staining.

But if you're interested in a wet, gloss finish, it is as simple as adding a thin layer of clear lip gloss. And with that, you're ready to ring in the new year with the perfect red lips!

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