We round up the beauty launches of the month that we are most excited about

We won't be meeting anyone outside of our household for a month due to the circuit breaker measures, but that's no excuse to slack off on your skincare routine. This month, we pick out the latest beauty products to pamper yourself with while you're staying home—from Charlotte Tilbury's highly-anticipated crystal-infused serum to a full set of home spa products from luxury retreat Aman.

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Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion

Estée Lauder’s signature essence-in-lotion gets a fresh look in the hands of contemporary Japanese street artist Lady Aiko, who has partnered with the beauty label for a limited-edition collection. Inspired by the idea that “true strength comes from within”, Lady Aiko created a poetic mural that captured the power, beauty, and confidence of the ocean, a dancing girl, a butterfly and Mount Fuji in the distant. The treatment lotion retains its existing formula, which features an exclusive 99.5 per cent bio-active lactobacillus ferment that nourishes and energises the skin.

Available online at Lazada.

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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir

With a waitlist of 8,000 people even before its launch, Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir could be the celebrity makeup artist’s biggest launch since its best-selling Magic Cream. And rightfully so, because this luxurious serum is meant to work seamlessly with the moisturiser to deliver youthful and radiant skin. The magic in this serum is powered by high-performing ingredients such as plant adaptogen extracts, polyglutamic acid, golden vitamin C, and niacinamide. For that extra healing touch, a crystal complex of moonstone, ruby, rose quartz, crystal quartz and amethyst are added to enhance your self-care ritual.

Available online at Sephora from May 7.

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Shiseido Professional Sublimic Wonder Shield

Salons are closed until June 1 due to the circuit breaker, but that’s no excuse to give up on hair care. Instead, why not try maximising your routine at home? Shiseido Professional’s new Sublimic Wonder Shield is created to let you achieve salon-fresh hair from home. Used after treatments and hair colouring, the essence mist helps to increase the longevity of the products and maintain the quality of hair. It also serves as a leave-in treatment that protects hair against heat, chlorine, humidity and environmental pollutants, maintaining optimal moisture for soft and silky tresses.

Available online at Shunji Matsuo.

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Aman Skincare Ultimate Bath Set

Bring the spa into your home with luxury retreat Aman’s selection of bath essentials. The Ultimate Bath Set features products across its three healing pathways—Grounding, Purifying and Nourishing—for a holistic wellness routine. It includes the Purifying Auric Cleanse Bath Salts, Nourishing Golden Body Serum, Nourishing Body Mist and Grounding Smoked Body Butter, which help to tone, moisturise and nourish skin, while lifting spirits and dispelling tension.

Available online at Aman.

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Kew Organics Divinely Gentle Micro Exfoliant

For sensitive skin types, finding an exfoliant that is gentle enough and still does the job can be a challenge. But this organic powder-based scrub from Kew Organics promises just that. Part of the homegrown beauty label’s new skincare range for sensitive skin, the Divinely Gentle Micro Exfoliant is infused with micronised organic Adzuki rice, bamboo powder and vitamins C and E to slough off dead skin cells and refine pores. The addition of anti-inflammatory colloidal oatmeal and blueberry fruit fibre helps to soothe, hydrate and protect the skin against free radicals.

Available online at Kew Organics.

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Clarins Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert

Genetics have been found to play a big role in whether you get stretch marks during your pregnancy, but you can still try and minimise its impact with a stretch mark cream. Clarins’ Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert contains the PhytoStretchComplex—formulated with organic green banana and centella asiatica extracts to reduce skin puffiness, stimulate the production collagen fibres, increase blood circulation and speed up the skin’s healing process.

Available online at Clarins.

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Sigi Skin Dream Capsule

Maximise your beauty sleep with homegrown beauty brand Sigi Skin’s lightweight overnight mask and wake up the next morning with radiant, hydrated skin. Powered by bakuchiol, purslane, squalane and niacinamide—the 'it' skincare ingredients of 2020—the Dream Capsule is a multi-tasker that helps to repair your skin through the night, tackling signs of premature ageing and strengthening the skin’s barrier against environmental pollutants.

Available online at Sigi Skin.

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Re:erth Blemish Control

Formulated to help men and women with blemish-prone skin can achieve clear mochi skin, sustainable beauty brand Re:erth’s Blemish Control nips acne in the bud by reducing acne-causing bacteria with lysozyme and colostrum. Water-soluble vitamin A helps to boost skin’s elasticity and resilience without drying out and agitating the skin. Its minty gel texture helps to soothe inflamed or irritated skin, and is suitable for daily use.

Available online at Re:erth.