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Had a manicure and in need of some aftercare products? We spoke to a manicurist from EightyEight salon to find out the must-have nail care products to add to your beauty routine

With salons open again in Hong Kong, it's time to book in those much-need beauty appointments, whether it's lash extensions, a haircut or a manicure and a pedicure. While you can pamper your nails in the salon, keeping them healthy at home is just as important, especially with Hong Kong's unpredictable weather. Removing your gel manicure at home also risks damaging your own nails if it's improperly done without a manicurist.

We sought the help of Wing Au from the nail salon, EightyEight to give us the lowdown on the must-have nail care products to keep your nails healthy even when you're at home or on the go.

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Cuccio Natural Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalising Oil

Cuccio Natural Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalising Oil is a unique blend of rich oils that provides moisture, protection and nourishment to dry, brittle, cracked cuticles, nails and skin. Crafted by beauty professionals and artisans, the oil is also filled with milk that's great for your skin.

Au says, "the key ingredients of milk and honey will soothe and soften the skin, to keep your parched skin hydrated all day long."

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Heidi's Nail Strengthener and Cuticle Repair Creme

The signature product for Heidi's Nails is rich in protein which helps strengthen nails and repair cuticle, giving them strength and a healthy flow. It's also enriched with soybean protein, cottonseed oil and lanolin which is perfect for both men and women's nails. This is also the perfect solution to weak, thin and peeling nails.

"This nail solution features a rich, creamy, non-greasy formula that absorbs instantly. It repairs cuticles within 3–4 days and it also repairs damage from artificial nails. It stems from a plant-based formula and it’s safe for nail biters too," says Au.

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OPI Nail & Cuticle Oil To Go

When you're on the go, it's always important to carry your go-to nail care product. OPI Nail & Cuticle Oil To Go to the rescue. Its ultra-nourishing formula helps protect, replenish and strengthen your nails and cuticle. Packed with rich yet lightweight grape seed, sesame, kukui, sunflower and upuaçu oils, all the ingredients are organic and natural.

"[This] will provide the ultimate moisture need for your cuticles. The easy, go-anywhere leak-proof tube is also the perfect companion for that last-minute protection," says Au.

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OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

Say goodbye to weak and damaged nails thanks to OPI Nail Envy. This nail strengthener strengthens your nails with hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium. The product can be used as a standalone treatment or as a base coat underneath any nail polish.

Recommending this, Au says "the calcium and protein build manicure-ready nails that are harder, longer and stronger than ever before."

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Uka Nail & Lip Balm Mint Talk

Japanese brand Uka's latest creation is a certified organic lip and nail balm that's rich in a mixture of hydrating oils and natural oils. If that's not enough, each flavour also contains a delicious blend of essential oils to suit different moods and use. The balm can be used both for your lips and nails and quickly absorbs harmful chemicals to provide lasting moisture.

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Clinique Deep Comfort Hand & Cuticle Cream

This cream from Clinique not only treats your hands to 12-hour hydration and soothing comfort but it also helps the cuticle and nails to retain moisture by strengthening the skin's moisture barrier against environmental stressors. A two-in-one care product, what more could you look for?

Using this cream is important "once you can tell your cuticles are flaking or cracking due to dryness," says Au.

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Margaret Dabbs Nourishing Nail And Cuticle Serum Pen

If you don't have the time to visit a salon for a quick manicure, consider Margaret Dabb's Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Serum so you can maintain healthy nails wherever and whenever. Its strengthening formula combines emu and tea tree oils to help repair dry and damaged cuticles. It also has an anti-bacterial treatment that protects your nails against breakage and irritation. The handbag-sized bottle is perfect for carrying it anywhere.

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French Girl Organics Nail & Cuticle Oil

Looking for a vegan and organic nail care product? Consider French Girl Organic's nail and cuticle oil. Not only is it delicately scented with citrus and rose geranium but it's also missed with essential oils such as Argan, pomegranate and rosemary that helps moisturises dry cuticles.

"The cuticle is also really important as it the dead, colourless tissue that sits atop your nail and attached to your natural nail plate. As an extension of your skin, it protects your nails as a barrier from bacteria," says Au.

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