Cover Global Artistic Director, Jane Richardson, backstage prepping models for a fashion show. Photo: Courtesy of NARS Cosmetics

A sneak peek into the life of NARS Cosmetic’s Global Artistry Director, Jane Richardson

While most children prefer to play with stuffed toys and make-believe houses, Jane Richardson grew up playing with cosmetic products from her mother’s beauty samples. Respected and well-acquainted within the beauty industry, Jane is equipped with over 27 years of experience, and is now the creative authority and liaison between high fashion and the consumer world.

Crediting her mother’s illustrious career as an Avon Lady for inspiring her love for makeup, Jane now sits as a member of the NARS artistry team and Global Artistic Director. She is often quoted in magazines for her expertise, while consequently creating fashion-forward looks for design houses like Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen.

We wanted to pick her brains on some of her favourite and least favourite beauty trends, but with a twist. Known for being eccentric and thinking outside the box, we decided to take the same approach with our interview, and asked her about her thoughts on beauty trends from the 1990’s. Here’s what she had to say:

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Trust your instincts. If it makes you happy, then don't worry about anyone else.
Jane Richardson

1. What was your favourite beauty trend from the 1990’s?

The chocolate brown lip continues to be one of my favourite looks, and I continue to wear them today - just a little bolder than before.

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2. What was your least favourite beauty trend from the 1990’s?

3. If you had to change one beauty trend from the 2000’s, what would it be?

Those thin eyebrows. Everyone constantly had this surprised look on their faces, which was both funny and weird at the same time.

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4. What is your go-to beauty essential from 1990 to 2019?

Shimmer eyeshadows. They were a major trend back then, and I remember wearing them a lot back then, and even more so now.

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5. What are some tips for daily makeup routines?

Focus on preparing your skin to allow your foundation to look its best, and consider going by section when applying complexion products.

I personally like to start with my forehead, then work my way on to my nose, under eyes, cheeks, and the chin. This lets you see the blending, and ensures smoothness all around before moving on to the next section.

Once everything is set perfectly you can often get away with applying mascara and a lipstick. Sometimes simplicity is key.

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