A guide to the perfect red lipsticks for fall/winter 2019.

With the holiday season gracing upon us in a matter of months, there is no other way to spend it than going to a few soirees. Whether it's a glamorous, white party or a casual Sunday brunch, dressing to the nines is a must. But, most importantly, your makeup has to look on point no matter the place or occasion. The ideal look is only complete with the best lip colour and we believe it's never too early to get prepared for your next celebratory party. 

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Here's a guide to the best red lipsticks for the holiday season this year! 

1. Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Satin

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

Inspired by Hollywood movies and characters from the Gilded era, the Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Satin lipstick in the shade 25 Goldie Red is perfect for your glitz and glam soirees. The satin finish lipstick is long-lasting, and yet, hydrating enough to keep your lips smooth and soft throughout the day. The pigmentation of the lipstick is super blendable that you can create new colors or finishes. The creative director, Alessandro Michele, handpicked this shade and it says it all. It's a stunning red perfect for any occasion and anyone. The best part? It has a fruity and floral smell that leaves you wanting to reapply it again and again. 

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2. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme

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Photo: Courtesy of Chanel
Above Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

To those who don't like a glossy, sheer, satin or shiny finish, then this one is for you! The Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme in the shade 130 Rouge Obscur is an extra matte lipstick that keeps your lips hydrated with the sweet almond oils infused in the lipstick. Despite, the matte finish, the lipstick glides on smoothly without the need to tug your lips. A little tip? Line your lips before applying the red lipstick, this way you'll have the perfect red lips in a matter of minutes! 

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3. Yves Saint Laurent Vernis à Levres Water Stain

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent

The Yves Saint Laurent Vernis à Levres Water Stain in the shade 618 Wet Vermillion is a vibrant red perfect for the free spirited. The water stain has a shiny, non-sticky finish that's perfect for an easy apply. The lightweight formula makes your lips feel as if there's nothing on your lips. With, the water infused components, the lipstick is buildable and most importantly, super moisturising. The stain makes your lips look luxurious and perfectly red. 

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4. Givenchy Le Rose Perfecto

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Givenchy

Intensely hydrating, the Givenchy Le Rose Perfecto is a lipstick and lip balm all in one. The shade Soothing Red is the perfect on the go bright color for a quick touch up, a pop of color and throw on for the non-makeup enthusiasts. It's translucent with hints of sheer finish that has ultra caring components that keeps your lips hydrated and it has plumping elements to give off a fuller looking lip. It's the most divine combination of lip care and style that will make you look chic 24/7. 

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5. Guerlain Kiss Kiss Satin-Effect Diamond Lipstick

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Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain
Above Photo: Courtesy of Guerlain

The newly designed lipstick, faceted like a diamond makes the Guerlain Kiss Kiss Satin-Effect Diamond more quirky, fun and lavish! The iridescent, satin finish lipstick in the shade Red Jewel is fitted for your holiday parties dressed up or down. Vibrant, smooth and comfortable the lipstick keeps your lips moisturise with the shea butter enriched in the formula. The shade isn't too bright nor too dark. It's a subtle red made to leave a mark!

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6. Dior Rouge Graphist - Limited Edition

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Dior

Dior's first ever lipstick pencil, the Dior Rouge Graphist in the shade Shout It is intensely energetic and long wearing. It's a new and limited edition lip product, Dior released in their fall collection 2019. The lip pencil has a creamy formula that gives you a matte finish. Get it while it's still available, because the red has the perfect warm and cool undertones for any skin tones. The pencil makes application easy and fast for workaholics. 

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7. Lancome L'absolu Rouge Drama Matte

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Photo: Courtesy of Lancome
Above Photo: Courtesy of Lancome

If you're not into the bright, red color, then the Lancome L'absolu Rouge Drama Matte in the shade 82 Tapis Rouge is for you. The lipstick is an intensely, dramatic dark red with a matte finish that's highly pigmented. It has a powdery finish that is comforting to wear for long hours. Despite the matte finish, the lipsitck will keep your lips hydrated when worn! 

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