Clean beauty is here to stay – treat your skin to the organic beauty must-haves from these 6 trusted brands.   Cover Image: Fresh Beauty

1. Fresh

It may have started as a humble apothecary in Boston marketing natural beauty products from around the world, but today, Fresh is a trusted beauty brand in its own right, fashioning natural ingredients and traditional rituals into indulgent products that have gained a worldwide following.  

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2. The Olive Tree

Harnessing the power of natural plant-based ingredients like olive oil and various essential oils, The Olive Tree was birthed out of a desire to make skincare products free from harmful petrochemicals more readily available.   

An eco-conscious brand at its core, The Olive Tree’s package-free store is one of many instances of its commitment to preserving the environment. Learn more here.

3. Estelle & Thild

Estelle & Thild products have been certified organic by EcoCert, the largest certification board in Europe and the US.

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Cruelty-free practices and recyclable packaging practices add to the brand’s commitment towards a ‘future of beauty that’s green’.

Browse the latest Estelle & Thild products on Sephora.

4. Organique

Aussie brand Organique boasts a special not-so-secret ingredient that's unique to the town of Olinda in Mt. Dandenong, Australia.

Made from a combination of Olinda Spring water and at least 95 per cent of natural ingredients native to Australia, Organique skincare products are proven to be non-irritable and safe for sensitive skin.

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5. Huygens

Having recently made its debut in Malaysia, French beauty apothecary Huygens continues its mission to offer 100 per cent clean and cruelty-free bath and beauty products made from ingredients sourced in France.

Click here to find out more about Huygens' new bespoke bath and bodycare concept.     

6. Melvita

French organic beauty brand Melvita may give off those carefree and playful vibes, but it’s seriously commited to live up to its EcoCert and Cosmébio standards, promising a diverse range of products rich in plant-based ingredients and free from parabens, silicones, synthetic colourants and chemical sunscreens.

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