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Did you know that September is World Candle Month? To see you through every day of the week, we've found seven candles to suit your every mood

1. Monday: Tom Dixon Stone Large Scented Candle

British design company, Tom Dixon sells more than just furniture. Their range of luxury candles are as carefully curated as their design pieces, with every candle oozing with style. The Stone Large Scented Candle features a one-of-a-kind green hand-turned Indian marble candle vessel that’s an art piece on its own.

This candle will bring you to nature and inspire you on even on a groggy Monday thanks to its refreshing notes of fig, bergamot and sandalwood. 

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2. Tuesday: Loewe Tomato Leaves Candle

Inspired by the earthy scents in Northern Ireland, Loewe’s Tomato Leaves candle is from the fashion brand’s new line of home scents that launched earlier this month.

Presented in a red terracotta holder, this candle has a sharp grassy scent that will keep you feeling energised as you go about your tasks for the day. 

3. Wednesday: Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Candle

Infused with Frankincense and Cardamom essential oils to soothe the mind and lift your mood, Aromatherapy Associates’s Inner Strength Candle will get you through hump day by helping you tap into your inner strength. 

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4. Thursday: Byredo Fleur Fantôme Fragranced Candle

Handmade in France, Byredo’s Fleur Fantôme Fragranced Candle showcases the fragrance brand’s signature black wax and mouth-blown glass.

Bringing the garden to your home, the candle will transport you into a meadow of flowers with its uplifting rhubarb and lemon petitgrain scent. It’s your weekly reminder that Friday is just around the corner. 

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5. Friday: Urban Apothecary Green Lavender Scented Candle

Unwind and de-stress the workweek away with Urban Apothecary’s Green Lavender Scented Candle.

Filling your room with the warmth of lavender, lemon balm and spearmint, this rejuvenating candle will get you ready for the weekend. 

6. Saturday: L’Object Coral Candle

L’Object’s pink champagne scented Coral Candle is the perfect candle for when you’re hosting weekend brunches with friends.

The candle doesn't just bring a heavenly scent––it's decorated with 24k gold accents and features a sculptural coral motif––making it the perfect candle to keep on your coffee table. 

7. Sunday: Le Labo Calone 17 Candle

If you can’t make it to the beach on Sunday, light Le Labo’s Calone 17 Candle instead.

With marine notes mixed with geranium and amber that will remind you of your favourite sea-side breeze, you’ll be feeling relaxed and ready to face the week ahead.

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