Want to still look glamorous while wearing a mask for this Christmas celebration? Here are some fun and creative holiday make-up looks you can recreate

Just because you're wearing a mask this holiday season doesn't mean you can't glam up. Let your creativity flow at the most vibrant and festive time of the year with these fun holiday make-up looks that will instantly make your whole outfit stand out wherever you might be celebrating. Take out your most colourful palettes and eyeliners and start practising. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an expert in make-up—you can recreate these Christmas make-up looks however you want and let the merriest time of the year begin!

1. Keep it simple

If you want to play around with colours but want to keep it low key, you can always use one vibrant shade and a darker shade together. Blend both colours well and add a little shimmer to make the colours pop. Don't forget to use eyeliner to add dimension to your eyes, and you're off to stun the crowd.

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2. Add some colour

Colourful eyeliners are still trending and there's a good reason why. If you're going for chic and unique this Christmas, then eyeliner—no, not in plain black—is your best choice. Go for different colours like red, green, or even white. You don't need to have a good drawing hand; a simple wing can make it unique and festive. Whether you want to enhance your lashes or change your eye shape, these vibrant shades of eyeliner will make you fit in just right during the holiday party but stand out with such an iconic look all night.

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3. Glam it up with glitter

It's not Christmas if you don't get glitter everywhere and complaining about it by the end of the night. This detail is the kind that will never get out of style, especially when it's the holidays. So don't hesitate to brighten up your eyes by adding — not just a bit but a lot — of shimmer. It's a great time to celebrate everything vibrant and merry in one night. 

4. Be creative

The holiday is the perfect time to go all out with your make-up. Using different shades of eyeliners and eyeshadows, you can get creative by recreating Christmas elements and combining the staple colours of the Yuletide season. If you want something eye-catching and creative, it's time to test your hand with these artistic make-up looks.

5. Easy nude look

Gold and other nude shades can go well with any red outfit. Just make sure you blend them well like you normally would add a smokey eye effect. You can never go wrong with this nude make-up look. This nude eyeshadow will look best when you pair it with a bold red lipstick.

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