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The duo recently had a live IG chat session where they exchanged views on how to achieve great-looking skin

Malaysian entrepreneur and style guru Neelofa first met Lancôme's creative director of make-up Lisa Eldridge in 2017 when the former was invited to visit Institut Lancôme Soin in Paris. They reconnected recently on a live Instagram talk where they offered not only a glimpse into their lives in quarantine but also exchanged tips on make-up and skincare.

Here are 5 biggest takeaways from the session:

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1. How To Use A Serum

Eldridge suggested applying serum under your foundation as a primer or a moisturiser, because it helps to hydrate your skin as well as keep your make-up on for a longer period of time.

Neelofa added: "Mixing your foundation with serum can also add a luminous effect to your make-up. You can also pat some serum on your make-up throughout the day for a quick boost of hydration."

Their go-to serum is the Advanced Génefique Serum as it's light and gives their skin an added glow without the oiliness. 

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2. How To Minimise Pores

Using an essence lotion before applying make-up is a game changer for Neelofa, especially with Lancôme’s Clarifique Dual Essence

"For someone my age, I won't skip this product, because it helps to minimise pores, blackheads and whiteheads; it also evens out my skin tone," Neelofa, 30, said. 

It doesn't hurt either that it's also a nice cooling product in this humid and hot weather.

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3. How To Get The Right Foundation

According to Eldridge, always test the foundation in a bright setting. On the face, test it out by applying it about an inch away from the ear. "The reason for this is so you can see how it blends down the jawline, which is important as you don't want to have a completely different colour around your neck and face," she said. 

Also, don't test the foundation on a spot where there's skin pigmentation. "You need to find a shade that unifies the skin tone and complexion." 

Let the foundation set for five minutes to see how it looks and feels on your skin, she advised. 

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4. How To Reduce Puffy Eyes

Eldridge advised that the best way to de-puff your eyes in the morning or from lack of sleep is to sweep the eye cream applicator in clockwise motion around the eyes, starting from the bone under the eyes.

Then press the applicator gently under the eyes and out towards the lymph glands to reduce puffiness. Pat leftover creams or serums onto your eyelashes to moisturise them. You can even put your eye applicator in the fridge for maximum effect.

"The key is to be gentle around the eyes," Eldridge said. 

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5. How To Deal With Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, avoid using heavy creams to moisturise. Neelofa suggested using essence lotions instead as they are a good way to control the pH balance of oily skin and keep it from excreting more oil. 

"But sometimes, it's a good thing to have oily skin as you grow older because you're preserving your natural oils," Eldridge noted. 

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