This beauty must-have also helps strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes and reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots at the same time

Have you ever wondered why skincare is often a one-size-fits-all model, when no two persons are ever alike? Besides fingerprints, your skin is uniquely yours, too. MTM Skincare acknowledges this and understands the importance of tailoring skincare to your individual needs. Founded in 1991, its philosophy of “Custom-Blended Skincare” is inspired by the Japanese skincare concept of “authentic beauty”.

And this time, MTM Skincare is upping the ante with its new and improved Custom-Blended Eye Mask. The mask is not only infused with high-performing ingredients for bright-eyed and youthful-looking peepers, but it now boasts new collagen pads for even better results.

The eye area is one of the first areas that show signs of ageing. This is because the skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face and has no oil glands, making it more vulnerable.

MTM Skincare’s Custom-Blended Eye Mask now comes with two options for eye pads: Outline and Highlight. Besides targeting specific concerns—be it dark circles or wrinkles—the new pads also stimulate collagen repair and regeneration, and revitalise the delicate eye area at the same time.

If fine lines and wrinkles are a cause for concern, the Collagen Pad Outline is enriched with an advanced anti‑wrinkle solution infused with okra extract to target wrinkles and expression lines by reducing muscle cell contraction. This natural active ingredient also enhances antioxidant effects, activating the skin’s natural defences against damaging free radicals.

To target dark under-eye circles, the Collagen Pad Highlight contains a skin lightening agent, alpha-arbutin, to inhibit tyrosinase activity, minimising the appearance of melanin-induced darkness, while liquorice root extract prevents hyperpigmentation and photoageing, and soothes with its anti-inflammatory properties, too.

Each pad contains 100 per cent freeze-dried collagen derived using a patented process. When combined with the Custom-Blended Eye Expert Essence, they work in tandem to release not one, but three types of collagen to boost cellular regeneration, filling in the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and smoothing out the skin in an instant.

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And unlike generic over-the-counter eye products, MTM Skincare’s consultant will assess your needs, before carefully selecting the right active ingredients from the brand’s list of natural herb-based Custom-Blended extracts to create your very own personalised Custom-Blended Eye Expert Essence formula.

This is then added to a base of prunus domestica, artichoke leaf, arnica montana flower and panax ginseng root extracts that help boost blood circulation, reduce free radical damage and prevent dark circles. It even helps strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes and reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots at the same time. The result is a potent skincare solution to treat all your eye area woes, from fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, puffiness and dark circles.

The Custom-Blended Eye Mask also comes with specific application techniques to enhance its efficacy.

Start by applying a generous amount of the Custom-Blended Eye Expert Essence to the under-eye area. Place your chosen Collagen Pad on the area, and apply another generous pump of essence over the pad so that it is thoroughly soaked with all the goodness. To further boost its effectiveness, simple massage techniques can be done to enhance the absorption of the active ingredients and improve microcirculation.

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