She believes in both inner and outer beauty, which is why arming oneself with a range of Custom-Blended products by MTM Skincare helps too

No two days are the same for Jin Lu, a homemaker and mother of two, who is also known for her volunteer work across various charities. She typically wakes up at six in the morning every day to prepare breakfast for her children, but how the rest of her day pans out depends on the projects that she is working on—and this keeps her excited and on her toes. From advocating women’s causes in her capacity as treasurer in United Women (formerly the Singapore Committee for UN Women) to spearheading the fundraising and philanthropic efforts of organisations such as the Singapore Repertory Theatre and Chinese Women's Association, Jin fills every second of her day with meaning and conviction.

If every new day brings with it a unique set of responsibilities and challenges, why shouldn’t your skincare solutions adapt accordingly? That explains why, for the past two decades, Jin has turned to MTM Skincare to concoct specific formulas that eschew the “one-size-fits-all” approach. “After all, no two persons have the same skin. I love how I can custom-blend my products at MTM,” she says.

Established in Singapore in 2003, MTM Skincare adopts the ethos of customisation for its products and facial treatments. This sense of personalisation is evident in every aspect of the brand’s beauty business.

To Jin, true beauty comes from within and is complemented by a skincare routine and products that keep her skin looking healthy and radiant. She regards kindness as the most precious trait all women should possess: “An attractive lady may not necessarily be kind, but a kind woman is always beautiful.”

Here, Jin lets us in on her beauty secrets as well as her experience with MTM Skincare.

What are your beauty must-haves when you travel?

Jin Lu (JL) Besides UV rays, we’re also exposed to air pollutants every day. It’s one of the leading causes of premature ageing. That’s why I always use my MTM Custom-Blended Relieving Oil to protect my skin from pollutants. I love how the bottle is so handy—I can bring it everywhere I want! There’s also the MTM Custom‑Blended Collagen Rebirth System. It restores the skin to newborn-like suppleness. I apply it to my eye, face and neck areas.

What is your one beauty hack?

JL I try to apply a mask every night, and one of my favourites is the MTM Custom-Blended Hydrating Mask. I feel my skin has become smoother and more hydrated since using it. For a quick fix before attending an event or function, I use the MTM Custom-Blended Re-White Mask, which gives my skin an instant glow. On that note, I always believe that our moods affect our skin—and vice versa. While negative emotions can contribute to skin problems, positive emotions help improve it—being in a good mood and having a positive mindset will make your skin look better.

Can you explain why you have been a loyal customer of MTM Skincare for the past 20 years?

JL The consultants provide excellent service and will always “think” for the customers, only recommending treatments and products based on their needs. In fact, I’ve been a customer for so long that the consultants feel like sisters to me and I feel at home each time I visit MTM. Also, I’ve started to understand more about its company culture over the years and I feel so touched by how the successful beauty business gives back to society too. MTM has interesting CSR projects in Cambodia every year, and I would like to join them next year.

If you are gifting your best friend an MTM product, what would you recommend?

JL Definitely the MTM Custom‑Blended Eye Mask. It takes care of problems such as wrinkles and dark circles. It’s suitable for all skin types and you can see results almost immediately after applying it. 

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