Check out these luxurious beauty products—from serums to LED masks—that can level up your skincare routine

There's something satisfying about doing a beauty ritual that works. In today's age, cutting-edge technology has made it easier to perform indulgent skincare routines that works ten times better than it ever has—but of course, these come with a hefty price.

Read on to know how you can care for your skin with the most expensive beauty tools that you can conveniently use at home, with or without help.

Déesse Professional LED Mask Next Generation

If you don't want to keep your hands full and simply want to relax, then maybe you should give a phototherapy mask a try. The Déesse Professional LED Mask exposes the skin to four wavelengths of light—at a safe therapeutic dose—to help the skin become firmer and visibly clear of blemishes and damage. The device has six modes, allowing it to perform six different treatments from calming the skin to killing bacteria that produces acne. This LED mask is priced at around PHP118,000.

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La Prairie Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenating Cream

A rejuvenating cream like the La Prairie Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenating Cream is long-lasting. This has to be one of the most expensive skincare products, thanks to the brand expert's years of research. The scientists behind the product have created a formula that's composed of potent peptides and platinum. Fifty millilitres (50ml) costs around PHP114,261.

NUFACE Trinity Complete Facial Toning Kit

Looking for a skin-vestment? Check out the NUFACE Trinity Complete Facial Toning Kit that comes with three attachments: the Trinity Wrinkle Reducing Attachment, ELE Attachment and Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer. The device mirrors your body's own electrical currents which makes it safe to use. It will gently penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen and give you a youthful look. You can also say goodbye to unwanted wrinkles and all the other signs of ageing. This product costs about PHP33,000.

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Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cure Face Treatment

Guerlain once released an anti-ageing treatment they call Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cure Face Treatment. It's a four-week age-defying treatment that allows all four formulas to provide your complexion needs—be it eliminating dead cells or firming the skin. One treatment can cost around PHP75,451.

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OROGOLD 24K Nano Night Recovery

Infused with aloe vera and green tea extract, the OROGOLD 24K Nano Night Recovery serum will do its magic at night. As you rest, this cruelty-free serum's light and silky solution will help moisturise the skin. For PHP60,384, you can indulge in at least 50ml of the product.

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