Lots of great tips by Singapore's makeup veteran in this virtual Tatler beauty workshop featuring Kanebo The Exceptional skincare range and the new N-Rouge makeup range

Hosted by makeup artist and beauty industry veteran Clarence Lee, together with Kanebo head trainer Jamie Chan and myself, the virtual Tatler Singapore and Kanebo beauty workshop was an intimate and informative Zoom session with our Tatler friends, who received a bag of deluxe samples to try in the comfort of their own home. 

The Tatler Talks session started with Lee prepping the model's skin and highlighting the steps to using Kanebo The Exceptional skincare range. Later he created two looks, inspired by the new N-Rouge makeup range

Kanebo The Exceptional skincare range was launched in 2018, and today, it is still a luxury skincare range that exceeds expectations. Chan shared the six key ways that your skin will benefit—moisture, radiance, texture, smoothness, firmness and brightening—and that you can see the results with just one use. 

Here are the skincare steps that Lee went through:

1.   Kanebo The Lotion—“It’s got a wonderful fragrance… it’s like aromatherapy. Pat it onto your face with palms or you can use a cotton pad.”

2.   Kanebo The Emulsion—“One pump is enough. Massage it into your skin in circular motions. It balances the skin’s ratio of water and oil.”

3.   Kanebo The Cream—“Just a little bit will do. This cream is precious, so just warm it on your fingertips. Dot it all over on your face, then spread it out. It’s concentrated, but not sticky at all. You’ll see an instant glow. Focus on where fine lines tend to appear, like laugh lines, crow lines and corners of the lips.”

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Above Kanebo The Exceptional skincare range
Tatler Asia
Above Kanebo The Cream Foundation

4.   Kanebo The Primer—“This is my favourite primer. You’ll see that it’s an orange-apricot shade and it will brighten up your skin tone. Makeup with skincare products have become normal, but this is skincare with makeup, so it’s safe to massage them into the skin like a cream; you won’t get breakouts because it's skincare! When you massage it in, you also feel and it will look like it’s a second skin, and not like you have makeup piled on. On days when you don’t want to wear foundation out, this primer will do.”

5.   Kanebo The Cream Foundation—“A pea-size amount is enough. The cream might look heavy in the jar, but when you apply it, you’d find that it’s light and natural. Dot it, and massage it in, which is great for blood circulation and skin health. Start with an even layer across the face, and then dab on a little more on for spots like blemishes. And don’t forget to blend the foundation into your hairline.”

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Above The first makeup look, created by Clarence Lee

On the first look, he used Eye Colour Duo #11 (Aura of Romance) in the champagne and purple hues. The champagne shade is washed across the eyelids, while the purple is used on the inner part of the eyes—Lee created gentle, circling motions with the brush. He used the purple eyeshadow under the eyes as well, for a youthful smoky effect. Lastly, he applied Eye Colour Duo #08 (Elegant Irony) by blending it from the outer corners inwards.

After the Deep Gel Eyeliner #02 and Volume Framing Mascara #01, he moved on to the brows.

“I really love the Eyebrow Mascara #02, where the colour is delivered to the skin underneath the brows. It’s just really easy to use. At the same time, you won’t get brows that are too dark or fierce. It gives soft definition. There’s no need for pencil unless you require more definition or need to balance the brows.”

Tatler Asia
Tatler Asia

On the cheeks, he went with the fun Drawing Dual Rouge #51 (Neon Flamingo).

“They’re double-coloured pencils, which can be used on the lips and the cheeks. For the latter, draw a few lines on the cheek and use your thumb to blend it in.” He picked the Neon Flamingo as it is a natural shade to balance out the prominent eye colour.

On the lips, he applied N-Rouge Lipstick #116 (Comic Orange) for a defined lip base and Neo Dimensional Colour #111 (Antique Gold) for a bit of shine on the cupid’s bow.

Tatler Asia
Above The second makeup look, created by Clarence Lee

Following that was the second look, created for a special occasion as it has bolder colours on the eyes. Lee tweaked the eye makeup and added on to the lip colour. Lee went for a stronger effect with a blue hue from Drawing Dual Pen #01 (Tropical Sky). The blue was applied across the eyelids and works as a base as well.

Next up: Eye Colour Duo #03 (Party Hearty) was used on the inner half of the eyelids. Eye Colour Duo #02 (Beach Parasol) was blended in from the outer corner to meet the middle. With the gold from the same palette, he lines the inner corner of the lower eyes. Finally, the pink from Eye Colour Duo #03 (Party Hearty) is used to line the outer corner of the lower eyes for a dramatic eye.

Tatler Asia

How does one wear a turquoise lipstick? Lee added the N-Rouge Lipstick #113 (Fuji Metallic) over the previous lipstick to add a hint of sheen.

After the makeup workshop, our Tatler friends stayed on for a hearty Q&A session. The feedback from our Tatler friends about this virtual beauty session was heartwarming. They didn’t just love seeing everyone again, albeit virtually due to the ongoing pandemic, they preferred it to a physical session because now they were able to watch each makeup step closely and listen to every tip as they sat in.

Since then, they have been asking for more and we'd have to say that we feel the same way... 

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