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As senior brand manager of Prestige Brands Philippines, Maria Dulce Concepcion has been working with brands including the House of Creed for over ten years. Here, she shares her expert advice about fragrances

Tell us about your journey in the fragrance industry?

I can relate my journey to a painting where you start with a blank canvas and over time, as you experience the fragrances for five days a week, trying out new fragrances before introducing them to the market, you have already been drawn into a love affair with the fragrances. A love affair filled with different scent notes, bottle packaging and fragrance stories.

How do you choose the right perfume?

It can be based on your mood, the personality that you would want to exude, the vibe that you would want to share with the people around you. Choose what you love and what best reflects your true self. Wear who you are and always keep it real.

What is your favourite Creed bespoking combination?

To quote Creed Fragrances UK, “Bespoking is about expressing yourself with the utmost freedom by being able to change aspects of an existing fragrance. For example, if you want fresher top notes you could opt for a fruitier scent on top of your favourite Creed. Equally, if you are looking for a deeper base that will take you through to the evening, add richness with a woody fragrance. Florals work beautifully with a touch of oud or leathery dry down.” One of the favourite Creed layering combinations would be Millésime Imperial, a citrus bergamot scent, combined with Green Irish Tweed, a woody fresh green.

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Can you share any application techniques to make fragrances last longer?

Do not rub, just spray! Rubbing the scent creates heat that can make the scent evaporate faster, thus you miss the first five minutes of smelling the first notes of the perfume. You can accidentally speed up the scent journey and miss out on the delicate dance of its true scent reveal (which takes about 15 minutes).

What are the challenges that fragrance brands face now?

The fragrance market is becoming more eco-conscious. Thus, even commercial fragrances must step up into a sustainability platform from their ingredients, packaging and communication. Personalisation has also become a vital determining factor for the choice of scent.

What’s in store for 2022?

The idea of layering will create a fragrance wardrobe trend with customers curating their personal collection of scents to match their moods, or even layer on top of each other to create a bespoke fragrance.

Any new Creed product release to look forward to this year?

Big bold feminine fragrances to break into the female market!

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