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Loving and taking care of our environment have gone from being a trend to a lifestyle that's here to stay, as these homegrown beauty brands prove

1. The Minimal Skin

Committed to being vegan, natural and cruelty-free, The Minimal Skin uses only organic ingredients for their products. From their hemp seed oil to its Rosewater + Saffron + Geranium Mist & Toner, they are also produced  in small batches to reduce carbon footprint. 

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2. The Mineraw

From hair care to body care, The Mineraw makes all of its products with natural raw ingredients. Vegan and suitable for all skin types, the solutions are also packed inside recyclable containers.

"As someone who is extremely environmentally conscious as well as passionate about skincare, I believe in using natural ingredients from the earth,  the most powerful healing agents," declared Jidienne Ibañez, founder of The Mineraw. 

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3. Root Remedies

Root Remedies sells organic and cruelty-free skincare that's gentle on your skin. Their ingredients consist mainly of essential oils, plant extracts and natural nutrients, and contain no harmful chemicals. Their ingredients also aren't bleached, deodorised or extracted using harsh chemicals. 

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4. A Soap Affair

Formulated with 72 per cent olive oil, these soaps are made by hand in someone's kitchen and offer effective cleansing that are also super hydrating and kind to your skin. Plus, it's suitable for both face and body. 

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5. Frankie Beauty

Frankie Beauty is a clean beauty brand that sources premium botanical ingredients from France, Brazil, USA as well as Malaysia. Their oils, for instance, are great for sensitive skin while their beauty tools are made with natural stones and mineral crystals.

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6. Velvet Vanity

This make-up brand prides itself for its vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free lip products that glide on smoothly and are easy to use.

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