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We’re often told that beauty is more than skin-deep, and that ageing is a part of life. As gracefully as we want to embrace the changes in our body, the hallmarks that come with ageing—wrinkles, stubborn body fat, saggy cheeks and the like—can damper your spirits and lower your self-confidence.

Here’s where the expert team at Lloyds Medical Group comes into the picture with an approach that melds aesthetics and science. The aim of its expert team of doctors and aestheticians is not just to help you maintain your youthful looks but lead you down the path to self-confidence. “Aesthetics and science don’t just minimise wrinkles and pigmented skin,” says the group’s spokesperson. “It’s also a wonderful tool to help you boost your self-confidence and empower you to be your best self.”

At Lloyds Medical Group, the team prioritises your opinions and works with you to identify the root causes of your beauty concerns and what makes you truly unique. Its aesthetic solutions are customised to suit your needs and are designed to offer results that look natural and beautiful, a helpful step in boosting your confidence and body image.

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As Dr Frank Lee, the Groups resident doctor eloquently explains, “Lloyds Medical Group assists patients to align their inner and outer beauty with the aid of the latest products and devices, curated to each individual. That’s why we call it ‘The inviXible Art’.”

Being a client at Lloyds Medical Group means being in the hands of one that is on an endless pursuit of aesthetic excellence.

Naturally youthful

Less is more at Lloyds Medical Group and its customised aesthetics solutions are designed to offer results that look natural and boost your body image. 

One of its most in-demand procedures is Ellanse, a non-hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is designed to correct and minimise wrinkles, laugh lines and sunken cheeks. Ellanse also helps stimulate your body’s natural collagen production. This helps improve your skin’s elasticity and suppleness, and keeps your skin looking youthful for longer. If your skin is starting to show tell-tale signs of ageing, Ellanse may be the treatment for you as results can last for up to two years. 

Additionally, Lloyd’s Medical Group also offers sun spot correction, skin hydration and maintenance, fat reduction and body toning as well as many other face enhancement procedures. The group’s aesthetics offerings are aided and supported by both science and expertise, and together they ensure that you leave the clinic looking good and feeling confident from the inside out.

We believe in empowering individuals by being mindful of the aesthetic composition and mental well-being of our patients. Lloyds Medical Group combines art and medicine to create exceptional results that are individually tailored to.

– Dr Frank Lee

Exclusivity and excellence

Struggling to fit an aesthetic appointment within your busy schedule? Lloyds Medical Group’s Rolls Royce Concierge, which launched in 2019, will pick you up and take you to your appointment—you can catch up on your work while in transit—and drop you off to your next destination afterwards. Looking your best and taking care of business are not mutually exclusive for Lloyds Medical Group.

What Satisfied Clients Have to Say About Lloyds Medical Group

The staff here are nice and pleasant. They listen to customers' concerns and advise accordingly instead of just selling their products. I'm really very comfortable with them and their treatment is excellent. I'll definitely recommend Lloyds Medical Group to my friends; it's a must to try.

— Ling Er Martella

I have been suffering from lack of volume in my face as I am in my 40s. Doctor Frank recommended Ellanse. My friends remarked afterwards that I look about 10 years younger! I will definitely go back to Lloyds Medical Group for more treatments in the future.

— Rachelle Choo

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