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For beauty enthusiasts who are always short of time

As much as we enjoy a pampering two-hour treatment at the spa, taking time out for self-care in our busy schedules is almost a luxury in itself for most of us—hands up if you haven't seen your facial therapist for more than two months.

But at-home skincare routines simply can't be compared to the technologically advanced machines that give you a radiant and lifted complexion when you leave the salon. And that's why LG’s latest Pra.L range could be a personal beauty care solution for the busy urbanite.

Launched in Singapore this year, the range of four beauty devices has been tried and tested in South Korea to a glowing response. Incorporated in your daily regimen, the Dual Cleanser, Galvanic Ion Booster, Total Lift Up Care, and Derma LED Mask help to cleanse, nourish, lift and firm your skin, respectively. The portability and long-lasting battery life of the three hand-held devices also mean that it’s perfect for frequent travellers who are always on the move.

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Dual Cleanser

Clean skin is the first step to a good complexion, and the Dual Cleanser comes with two brush options for two different modes: a silicone brush for gentle daily cleansing, and a fine fibre bristle brush for deep cleansing once or twice a week. You can also choose from two levels of cleansing—a 70-second cleanse, or a more thorough 120-second cleanse.

The device uses micro-vibrations to thoroughly clear your skin of dirt, oil, and grime, which helps to reduce dead skin cells, blackheads, and improve the appearance of pores. The best part? The Dual Cleanser is completely waterproof (with an IPX7² rating) so you can simply use it in the shower with your favourite facial cleanser. It also comes with a docking cradle that sanitises the brush with UV light when not in use—which scores major points for ease of cleaning and hygiene.

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Galvanic Ion Booster

The best skin care products have no effect if your skin isn’t able to fully absorb its benefits. The Galvanic Ion Booster makes use of iontophoresis—a transdermal process in which electrical currents are delivered to attract and repel ions—ultrasonic waves, and thermal therapy to boost the absorption of your facial products.

This device comes in two modes which take just three minutes each: the Cleansing mode, which draws out fine impurities for deeper pore cleansing; and the Boost mode, which delivers the active ingredients of your skincare deeper beneath the skin’s surface. The Cleansing mode is best used before the Boost mode for maximum effect.

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Total Lift Up Care

For anti-ageing benefits, the Total Lift Up Care device utilises thermal and light therapy to help you achieve plump and youthful skin. In the Tightening mode, high-frequency thermal therapy and red LED lights are used to penetrate into your skin and stimulate collagen growth—an essential protein to improve the elasticity of your skin and repair damaged tissues. Red LED light also helps to reduce fine lines and the appearance of pores.

In the Lifting mode, micro-currents are employed to stimulate skin tissue and muscles—you’ll feel a tingling sensation—to tighten and lift your facial muscles. Each mode will take you nine minutes, and you can select the 18-minute Total Care mode, which interchanges between tightening and lifting for maximum effect.

LG Pra.L is available at Tangs at Tang Plaza Level 1, Robinsons The Heeren Level 1, and Robinsons Jem Level 1.

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