Does the coveted LED facial by award-winning British luxury skincare brand, Carol Joy London, live up to the hype? We went to The Ritz-Carlton Macau to find out...

To celebreate the first anniversary of ESPA at The Ritz Carlton Macau, Carol Joy London makes it clear why their brand new treatment should be on everyone's must-do list this year. Offering the most advanced technology and professional therapy techniques, this exclusive LED facial is loved by the likes of Madonna and Katy Perry, to name a few. 

The “therapeutic haven” is located on the third floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Macau, where I'm greeted with the scent of woody essential oils and welcomed with a warm cup of seasonal tea as I confirm a signature hot stone massage to complement the LED facial. Then, I get to have a tour of the spa's amenities which include steam rooms, saunas, pools and relaxation lounges. 

Abslute serenity

The facilities at ESPA are designed to immerse guests into a rainforest-like environment.The dim lighting and relaxing nature sounds in the luxurious sauna room instantly put me at ease. Once finished in the sauna, a staff member comes to swiftly to deliver chilled towels and a bottle of water. She then introduces me to my therapist, Aim, and I am led to the treatment room. The interiors of the private room are spacious and adorned with a blend of traditional Chinese and Portuguese designs to reflect the unique characteristics of Macau.

The treatment begins with a foot rub on a comfy sofa, before a 60-minute hot stone body massage and finally, the 80-minute LED skin retreat facial using premium signature products by ESPA and Carol Joy London. With soothing music and soft lights, the ambience of the room creates a perfectly comfortable for one to be completely relaxed.

Traditional technique meets high tech treatment

The hot stone body massage is an incredibly relaxing experience. Aim gently stretches my legs and arms, while holding a heated stone to massage the body. Between intensive pain (the good kind) and relief, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction during the deep-tissue massage for my shoulder and neck. Finally, it's time for the LED facial treatment. 

The treatment is designed to reduce signs of ageing, pigmentation and sluggish skin, while enhancing the skin’s vitality and radiance for a luminous complexion. Aim begins with a gentle cleansing and exfoliating ritual to ensure any make-up is thoroughly removed. She then cocoons my face in a futuristic-looking mask and administers the LED light therapy. As Aim understands my skin is quite dehydrated and sensitive, she suggests using the blue LED light for optimal results. The colour blue, with a wavelength of 415nm, is meant to destroy acne bacteria and minimise redness and irritation.

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The treatment is, surprisingly, so much more than just a facial. With comforting and subtle warmth from the LED light, Aim performs a series of neck, hand and head massages with heated stones, making the session so relaxing that I fall into a light sleep, only to be awakened when she removes the LED light mask. She asks me if the process has caused discomfort (of course, the answer is no) and applies premium jade rollers to calm the skin.

Then, Aim massages the muscles around the face and applies a thick and deep hydration mask. Using Carol Joy London’s lifting mask, this hydration facial aims to revitalise skin cells, restore hydration levels and, most important of all, maximise the post-treatment benefits of the LED facial treatment.

The product also promises to calm, nourish and lift the face with botanical and collagen-boosting ingredients.

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The treatment that keeps giving 

To round off the facial treatment, Aim gives a head massage and few spritzes of boosting toner on my face and chest. Knowing how keen I am to inspect the results, Aim hands me a mirror right after the light of the room is adjusted to be brighter. I catch a glimpse of the mirror and my skin is glowing and silky soft...the LED color light therapy totally lives up to the hype.

Back to the changing room, I observe my face under better lighting—the dryness is gone and my skin feels plump and revived. The effect of the treatment carries on for the next few days; whenever I applied make-up, it lasted longer than usual and didn't go cakey.

All in all, if you're looking for a truly opulent way to treat yourself, the LED Skin Retreat Facial by Carol Joy London is sure to satisfy.

The exclusive 80-minute LED Skin Retreat Facial by Carol Joy London is priced at MOP$1680, available from now till March 31. The 60-minute hot stone massage is priced at MOP$1300 on weekdays and MOP$1500 on weekends. For reservations, contact ESPA at The Ritz-Carlton Macau on +853 8886 6608 or email

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