Flecked with real rose petals and essential active ingredients, these two additions to the Absolue Precious Cells range is your next infatuation.

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When luxury skincare comes to mind, none can trump quite like the Lancôme Absolue Precious Cells range and its ode to the rose. At the heart of the French brand’s signature collection is a unique Lancôme rose, its beautifying properties carefully selected and extracted for optimum skin regeneration.  

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Continually inspired by this extraordinary flower, Lancôme founder Armand Petitjean introduces in 2017 two new creations to this Absolue Precious Cells range: the Nourishing and Revitalising Rose Mask and the Revitalising Rose Lotion. To capture the essential rose nectar ingredient, Lancôme harnessed scientific and eco-friendly processes to obtain a soothing gel formulas infused with real rose petals.

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Gentle enough for all skin types, the new mask and lotion make for the ultimate skin indulgences, balancing fresh and rich. The Nourishing and Revitalising Rose Mask is an elegant and delicate elixir, scented with a floral version of Lancôme’s Tea Garden fragrance, a deserving treat twice a week. Simply spread mask over face and neck, and let your skin absorb the goodness.

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Light, comforting and subtly scented, the Revitalising Rose Lotion is a gel infused with genuine rose petals that, upon contact with skin, transforms into a liquid. A formula created for morning use and as a day cream, it is also helps prime skin for the Revitalising Rose Mask when used in the evening.

Women have reported more moisturised, nourished and comfortable skin after a month’s use of these new beauty products. From these accounts and reviews of Lancôme users, you know it trascends a cult acclaim – Lancôme has once more pushed the boundaries of sophisticated and reliable skincare.

Both products will be available in September 2017. Stay updated on their official website here

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