Tatler Singapore hosted a La Prairie virtual event with our Tatler friends to introduce La Prairie’s ultra-luxurious Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenation collection


La Prairie’s heritage is rooted in Swiss cellular science and precious ingredients, including the noblest of all the precious metals: platinum.

Platinum is rare and there is a limited quantity in the world. The precious, highly valued ingredient is in La Prairie’s most premium skincare range, the Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenation range.

The Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenation collection's formulation was updated in 2020. While the earlier Platinum Peptide formulation includes one peptide attached to platinum and is focused on activating collagen production, the new Platinum Multi-Peptide does much more: it activates collagen, enhances the skin’s barrier function, increases skin’s moisture balance and promotes cellular longevity.

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We hosted a La Prairie virtual event with our Tatler friends to introduce this updated Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenation range together with Eunice Ho, Swiss luxury house’s brand trainer.

Highlighting how La Prairie has taken the knowledge about how to restore the body’s own regenerative capacity and applied it to the skin, Ho explained during the event that the Haute Rejuvenation range is designed to act upon five key processes to revitalise the skin’s natural rejuvenating capacity—a capacity that decreases as we age.

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The benefits are

  • Refined skin texture and smoothed wrinkles
  • Increased moisture levels
  • More even skin tone
  • Enhanced youthful glow
  • Increased firmness and elasticity
  • Restored volume (in saggier parts of the face)

As part of the collection, Ho introduced the Platinum Rare Elixir and Platinum Rare Cream, and how to apply it.

For Platinum Rare Elixir, apply in the morning after cleansing and toning. Before opening, press the pump a few times to draw up the serum into the pipette.

Remove the lid and press the pump once to release a small dose onto the fingertips. Dot the serum on the forehead, apples of cheeks, chin and along the jawline. Smooth it into the skin with small circular motions, until it is completely absorbed. You will feel an instant tightening and line-smoothing effect.

Apply Platinum Rare Cream next. With the spatula, take a small amount and gently warm between fingertips. Similarly, dot the cream on forehead, apples of cheeks, chin and along the jawline. Smooth into skin with small circular motions, avoiding eye area, until completely absorbed. Your skin would have a youthful glow, increased firmness and more even skin tone.

In this collection, there are also two eye products, Platinum Rare Eye Elixir and Platinum Rare Eye Cream that will restore a younger look to your eyes by tightening the skin and remove discoloration around the eyes.


This week, La Prairie launched a new addition to this Platinum Rare family: Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Protocol. It is a month-long intensive skin treatment to be used four times a year to allow skin to rebalance and rejuvenate—making this your ultimate anti-ageing skincare routine. 

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The entire La Prairie Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenation range, is available at all La Prairie counters at Tangs.