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The people behind the brand talk about the new La Prairie House in Hong Kong and how they hope it can share the brand’s Swiss DNA with the city

A physical space for stories to come to life, La Prairie House in H Queen's is the epitome of Swissness with a DNA that’s rooted in style, luxury, purity and innovation. President and CEO of La Prairie Group Patrick Rasquinet and Chief Marketing Officer Greg Prodromides chose Hong Kong for the first brand residence in Asia, as the duo firmly believe that connecting with the La Prairie customer directly, getting to know their desires, is the best way for the brand to provide breakthrough innovations and high-touch service in the beauty sector. 

Both love Hong Kong for its energy and melting pot of culture, and the fact that, in many ways, it is an entry point to Asia from Europe—sharing the brand’s passion for art and culture. Since the early 30s, La Prairie Clinique has had a relationship with contemporary art, which makes the location of the La Prairie House in the “vertical art gallery” that is H Queens', so perfect. 

Patrick Rasquinet and Greg Prodromides tell Tatler more about the new La Prairie House in Hong Kong and how they hope it can share the brand’s Swiss DNA with the city.

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We're so excited about the La Prairie House here in Hong Kong. Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired this space and the concept overall?

We wanted to create a brand residence like a physical place where our brand's stories can come to life. So of course, we wanted to design a space deeply influenced by what we call Swissness because this is at the very core of who we are. We were born and raised and elevated in Switzerland. We got our inspiration from modern Swiss architecture, it really influences the way we express ourselves.

You chose Hong Kong to unveil the first La Prairie House. Why was that? 

Hong Kong is a fascinating mix of various cultures and languages—just as our home country of Switzerland. The city speaks to us in terms of population: Hong Kong attracts the world’s most affluent and discerning population. The La Prairie client is educated, cultural, cosmopolitan and seeking the finest experiences in skincare as well as every aspect of their life. It’s also about finding the right space to match our ambitions: The La Prairie House is located at H Queen’s—designed to be at the centre of Hong Kong's hospitality, arts and cultural scene. We could not have hoped for a better location. 

La Prairie’s new Hong Kong House appears to be influenced by Swiss contemporary architecture and Land Art. What role does the natural world play in the La Prairie brand? 

To understand La Prairie, you need to understand Switzerland. First, its nature. Its beautiful landscapes. There is a soothing serenity to Switzerland that leaves visitors with a deep sense of wellbeing. Then there is Swiss architecture. It is skilled at blurring the lines between the inside and outside, between urban and nature.

Using simple materials throughout a space, the architecture creates an extraordinarily contemporary environment that provides both perspective and grandeur. Mono-materials create personality and simplicity, with hardly any difference between floors and walls. They also guide views and channel silence, comfort and harmony.

The world of La Prairie has been inextricably linked to the world of art from its very beginnings. Can you tell us how this will be translated as part of La Prairie House?

In time, our ambition is to use the House’s main reception space to showcase the brand’s contemporary art collection, the art pieces will be rotated periodically. We will put special emphasis in making sure that La Prairie House is activated during key art moments, such as Art Basel in Hong Kong when it returns in 2021. 

By opening the La Prairie House, what kind of experience does La Prairie hope to create? 

A client can experience different journeys within the La Prairie House based on the time they have available. She is immersed in our story and legacy and can learn about our brand in a very hospitable way. Our goal is to help our client better understand our brand values, relive and renew the perfect La Prairie experience. 

La Prairie House is now open in H Queens for select customers to enjoy by invitation only. 

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