This Holiday Season, we shine the spotlight on the founder of ShoesShoesShoes and all the beautiful gifts in her life.

Ten years after her debut as the modish mistress of ShoesShoesShoes, Ung Yiu Lin has gone through several satisfying moments in life from brand extension to family expansion.

She inhabits opposing worlds, one as an enterprising fashion entrepreneur and the other as a mother of two beautiful girls. And somewhere in between, Yiu Lin has created her own little world, a space where she fuels her wanderlust and keeps her sanity in check.

“The constant escape helps me keep my sense of self, which I usually get from travelling. I always feel re-energised after going away and it refocuses my priorities. It’s easy to get lost in the daily grind but it’s important to elevate our life experiences,” says the sassy lady who is married to former national squash player Azlan Iskandar. In case you haven’t heard, the gorgeous couple is currently expecting their third child. 

Everyone who knows Yiu Lin knows that she’s not one with a diligent beauty regime, which makes us wonder then how does she look so effortlessly glam all the time? “I keep it simple really, makeup usually consists of eyeliner and a swipe of lippie. I love dressing up, and I enjoy sharing my #OOTD so my followers can discover the brands I carry in my store. If I have the luxury of time, Azlan and I do occasionally treat ourselves to couple spa.”

Yiu Lin also recently co-hosted a luncheon with La Mer, where she and her friends learned the expressive and miraculous nature of the luxury skincare brand's latest star product, The Genaissance. "With La Mer, you see immediate effects after using its products. My mum loves it and I have friends who swear by it because it's a rescue product, like when they have really dry skin or need to treat a sunburn."

Here, we explore the fascinating philosophies of Yiu Lin and the greatest gifts in her life.

How do you find happiness in life?

Looking back at my life, I certainly feel older and wiser now. When I was in my twenties, I was busy building my career and striving for my own personal success. I entered motherhood in my thirties and my priorities just shifted. I’m still busy with work but I’ve learned to make every moment count. If I have only 5 minutes with my children before I rush off to work, I make sure they have my full attention. Even if they’re telling you a silly story, it’s important to consciously appreciate these little moments. I’m always reminding my husband to do the same. And doing all these makes me happy.

What is the greatest gift you’ve given yourself?

Time, because we can’t buy time. It’s nice to have money to buy a nice handbag or go on a shopping spree in Paris but you’ll come to a point where nothing excites you more than a money-can’t-buy experience. I’m always looking for things that will enrich my life and make me happier. I spend time wisely to make sure it brings me happiness and makes me a well-balanced person.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received from someone?

This third child I’m carrying. My first two kids were planned gifts, because after getting married, my husband and I knew we will be having children but this one was truly unexpected.

What’s the best gift you have ever given someone?

It would be giving myself to my husband (laughs). He should remember that every single day of his life. It’s a real sacrifice when you commit your life to someone. You give yourself and everything you stand for to that person. That’s the biggest gift.  

How do you take care of yourself?

I’m not someone who constantly pampers herself with facials, massages or manicures. I don’t put a lot of emphasis on the “superficial me” but I’m big on fitness. I’ve always been active and these days, although I don’t have as much time to hit the gym or do wakeboarding, I am always on-the-go. I’m trying to have a more balanced lifestyle, I’ve started going to the gym more and doing a bit of yoga with Azlan. 

How do you celebrate the holiday season?

We’re always away during Christmas and New Year but this year we’re not, so I’m freaking out (laughs). I treasure experiences, so one year we went to Scotland to visit Azlan’s grandfather because I want my daughter Zara to have a good relationship with that side of the family. She has only seen him like three times in her life but there was an immediate bond. It was nice to see her getting to know her roots and exploring the countryside with her grandfather. We also visit Western Australia often, because of our love for animals and the great outdoors.

What are you doing this Christmas?

We don’t have any big plans this year but we’re heading to Cameron Highlands Resort, which is the closest I can get to a nice Christmas-y feel in Malaysia with the cool weather and festivities.

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Photography: Shawn Lor | Makeup: Irena Adam using La Mer | Hair: Angeline Low