Cover The AQ Meliority range features face wash, serums and creams

The face of Decorté reveals how the new AQ Meliority improved her skin and what its secrets are, including 1 nifty beauty trick she invented with it

What’s the best way to get the attention of consumers, especially in the beauty industry saturated with miracle-touting products? For one, having an established and time-tested reputation in the market. Second, having it endorsed by famous ambassadors who fiercely love the products. It also helps to understand that women are spurred by the touch, feel and product experience — an area that comes naturally to Japanese beauty brand Decorté.

A leading high-end beauty line, AQ Meliority by Decorté has made waves in the hyper-prestige beauty segment in Japan and worldwide. You also know it is a big deal when Kate Moss is the brand’s face. Twenty-nineteen celebrates 10 years of AQ Meliority and its third generation line. The launch took place in Tokyo recently, attended by none other than Kate Moss herself. Before the party, Malaysia Tatler stole a few precious minutes with the supermodel, chatting all things skincare, the Meliority effect, and staying fresh while on the go.

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The IQ Of AQ Meliority

Taking it further than just anti-ageing, AQ Meliority works to transform skin and reawaken its vitality and beauty through techniques that ignite sensations. It awakens skin, confidence and the mind, with a beauty complex composed of the main Benifuuki ingredient. The complex, which contain extracts of tea leaf, white mucuna and birch, penetrate into the skin, improving the appearance on the surface as well as from deep within.

“I love that it's from the forest and it has natural elements, the holistic approach,” Kate marvelled when asked what she loved most about her experience. The Benifuuki ingredient, which hails from Yakushima Island, is an organic green tea known for its regenerative abilities.

8 Vital Values

The reasons behind AQ Meliority’s success are its core values of technology, beautifying components, effect on skin, formula, fragrance, texture, design, and customer service. The range is constantly improved upon.

Since her skin concern is hydration, Kate swears by the high-performance Intensive Cream and Eye Cream. “I think the improved cream is amazing. It absorbs really well and it's quite firming,” she said of its rich texture containing 30 kinds of beauty concentrations. Since using Decorté, make-up artists have even noticed a transformation on her skin texture.

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Supporting Stars

Joining the Intensive Creams are cleansers and lotions that hold a special place in AQ Meliority range, according to Kate. So much so that they have become a permanent part of her skin routine.

“The face wash and the serums as well. I love the serum, and the eye cream, it's so good,” Kate revealed. “They are rich and velvety, and it's really good for the skin.”

As part of the range, there are products targetted at specific features, like the Intensive Radiance Glow Ritual featuring day and night serums. Used as part of a 7-day programme, the day serum addresses external stress while the night serum conditions skin to a bouncy and youthful texture.

Tips, Tricks & Versatility

Besides AQ Meliority, Kate is an ardent fan of the Decorté Vitality Tincture. When duty calls for the queen of runway, Kate swears by this nifty little trick for instant awakening - she mixes Tincture and the Intensive Cream for maximum results. “I add a couple of drops of the Tincture to the cream, and let it work its magic.”

Kate prefers to wear the oil at night on its own, to let its moisture reach into the deepest skin layers.

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A Skincare For All

There’s a reason that Decorté is enjoying its moment outside of Japan, garnering followers in the United States and Europe. With Japan’s abundant natural remedies and hi-tech approach to formulation, it’s no wonder that Caucasian users are shifting their attention to the brand.

Those who doubt its efficacy on Caucasian skin, Kate's glowing complexion is proof enough that it works. She added: “I don't think it makes a difference where you are from, I think it's the same... all skin needs hydration. You can see that my skin has benefited from the use of the products, so it's tried and tested.”

I add a couple of drops of the Tincture to the cream, and let it work its magic
Kate Moss

Fine Tuning Ageing

With scores of women looking up to Kate for her beauty, we were curious as to who her beauty idol is. “I love Catherine Deneuve and I think she embraces her age and she looks amazing. She's always been beautiful, and she still is my inspiration.”

Later at a cocktail party to launch AQ Meliority, Kate appeared onstage, glowing and close-up ready in a silver evening gown. One thing that stood out that night, besides her beautiful complexion, was her sincere belief in the holistic approach of AQ Meliority. For someone who could have her pick of endorsement deals, Kate was clearly in awe of the art of Japanese self-care, like the onsen and natural marvel at the Yakashima Island. We have no doubt that these are the dreamy images that come to mind in her Decorté beauty regime.