Cover Strapped with time managing her business, EMBA school work and family matters, Florence Neo opts for a simple beauty routine of cleansing, toning and hydrating as well as applying sunblock

Touted to tighten the skin around the jawline, the Kanebo Smile Performer sheet masks take effect in merely 10 minutes—and communications and engagement strategist Florence Neo can attest to its efficacy

In today's society, many of us lead extremely busy lives, from juggling work and closing multi-million-dollar deals to managing family issues. And now, there is the introduction of home-based learning that perturbs many parents and take time away from them. But sacrificing a little time for yourself is important, even if it's no more than 10 minutes.

A moment of mindfulness goes a long way to destress or just simply breathe slightly easier. Here's our suggestion: why not use the breather for a simple beauty routine? Kanebo has a new product that takes merely 10 minutes to prove its efficacy and Tatler Singapore managed to get communications and engagement strategist Florence Neo, who is also currently pursuing her executive MBA at a local university, to squeeze out some precious time from her busy schedule to try it out. 

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Above Entrepreneur Florence Neo finds the new Kanebo Smile Performer sheet mask easy and convenient to use especially since its effects can be seen within 10 minutes—perfect for time-starved individuals

“When it comes to makeup, I think less is more. Good skin is important," says Neo, who usually keeps her beauty routine simple and straightforward—“cleanse, tone, moisturise and use lots of sunblock”. That said, she is all for matching suitable products to our evolving skin quality and condition.

“We should invest in good-quality products that are suitable for our skin type and explore new options as we age,” she shares.

That is why the Kanebo Smile Performer sheet masks are perfect for time-starved professionals like Neo. Recommended for weekly use, the sheet mask revitalises the skin, adding firmness and lustre to it. The Adhesion Conforming Concentrated Serum in the mask fills in the gaps between the mask and the skin, resulting in the mask adhering to the skin tightly. Two lifter tabs on the mask pull up the corners of the mouth, cheeks, and jawline toward the temples, thus creating an impression of a smile. It takes only 10 minutes for the mask to add hydration, radiance and bounce to the skin.  

One aspect that busy urbanites will particularly appreciate about the sheet mask is that it does not loosen, slide or peel off easily during the 10 minutes of use. This means the user can take the time to catch on reading or browsing through their favourite social media platforms. 

After trying the mask on, Neo said: "It is actually very easy and intuitive to apply the mask. My skin feels supple, softer and refreshed, and most importantly, it only took 10 minutes." 

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Accompanying the Smile Performer sheet mask is another product, the Kanebo Lift Serum. Made with extracts from the mallow flower, moon peach leaf and rice bran, it is a high-performance anti-ageing serum that tightens and lifts the skin along the jawline. It can be used daily as a supplement to the sheet masks. 

The serum's soft and refreshing texture spreads evenly to prevent roughness and dryness as it delivers hydration to the stratum corneum, leaving skin firm and plump. And what might appeal further to those big on sustainability is that the Lift Serum is also available in eco-friendly refill, so doing your bit for the environment just became a lot easier. 

The serum's claims are not empty talk either. According to research conducted by Kanebo, over 80 per cent of respondents in Italy and Thailand aged between their 30s and 50s felt that their skin looked lifted and plumped in four weeks—this means most people experienced healthier skin in about a month, which is highly impressive. 

Hearing the research data, Neo admitted that she could not wait to try the Lift Serum. After all, looking good is what everyone—busy or otherwise—wants to achieve, isn't it? 

Above Learn how to apply the Kanebo Smile Performer sheet mask.
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