Cover (Photo: Courtesy of Chanel)

The Chanel Factory 5 beauty pop-up to celebrate 100 years of Chanel N°5 is black, white and chic all over

100 fabulous years later, the world's most iconic perfume continues to steal the show.

To celebrate a century of Chanel N°5, the Maison fired up a global campaign that honours the original while taking it into the future with a series of pop-ups around the world, and a limited edition beauty collection centred around the signature scent. 

The pop-ups, which in Asia have appeared in Chengdu, Seoul and Hong Kong, are “imagined as theme parks dedicated to N°5, immerse people in a world which mixes the black and white identity of N°5 and the bright colours of pop culture,” the company explained in a statement. “The experience is intended to be entertaining and offers a journey around the 17 products. In a factory setting, the public follows the product through the various production line workstations and ends its journey with a visit to the factory store where they can watch playful, offbeat demonstrations."

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Stepping into Chanel Factory 5 in Hong Kong, it's as if I were Alice and I had fallen into some version of a Chanel wonderland, where oversized products tower over guests and videos projected on the walls fill the mostly black and white space with vibrant colour.

At one end of the room, two men in identical lab coats and glasses monitor the Chanel Factory 5 production line - a much brighter and better-looking version of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, one might say. 

Chanel Factory 5 certainly leaves one "curiouser and curiouser", especially when it comes to the limited edition beauty collection. 

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Taking inspiration from the signature black and white Chanel N°5 box, the Chanel Factory 5 range features products packaged in brutally minimalist monochromatic containers that resemble 17 everyday objects.

You'll find body oil in a burette, bath tablets in a tea tin and shower gel in a paint can.Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, Chanel’s Head of Global Creative Resources Fragrance and Beauty, says, “There can be as much value in products that we use regularly as in products that we use for very special occasions. It’s all about the experience these products give you.” 

In line with the resurgence of late '90s beauty trends, there's even a sparkling body gel that fulfils all of our body glitter dreams. 

On top of these avant-garde products, shoppers can of course purchase the classic Chanel N°5 at the pop-up. After all, as Coco Chanel once said herself, "A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future."

Chanel Factory 5 Hong Kong at 8 Queen's Road Central will be open until July 23, 2021. Find out more at