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A step by step guide in using the beauty roller and Gua Sha stone in your skincare routine.

Crafted with artistry, gemstones, and thoughtfulness, these glamorous beauty tools have been trending recently. But, they’re not a new phenomenon. The origins of these beauty tools date a couple of centuries ago and they have helped with sculpting, plumping and making the skin glow to perfection. The Jade or Quartz roller and the Gua Sha stone have benefited men and women in keeping their face at a healthy state, providing self-love and help with de-stressing. The question is, how do you use these beauty rollers and what are their benefits? We've got all the details for you! 

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The Jade or Quartz roller or The Nurse Jamie Massaging Roller focuses on stimulating lymphatic flow for your skin. Taking 2-5 minutes of your day rolling in sweeping strokes can help improve blood circulation around your face, lifting your skin naturally. The roller can reduce puffiness under your eyes, giving you a more awaken and brighter complexion. These rollers will help enhance and uplift your skin for a while. You'll feel renewed and youthful every morning. Keep your roller in the fridge to add a cooling effect and apply upon waking in the mornings, it will help to firm your face with the gentle massage. Apply a facial oil or serum and start rolling! The best part of it all is that it is a little relaxing spa time for you every morning. 

The Gua Sha stone helps in releasing muscle tension around your face, kick-starting a good flow for healthy and glowing skin. The stone helps eliminate any kind of detoxification. The beauty tool helps improve elasticity of the skin from all the yawning, smiling and other muscle movements we do with our face. It also helps with combating appearances of puffiness and fine lines. But, most importantly, it’ll help ease the absorption of your serums, facial oils or any other products into the skin even better. Keep in the fridge and place it under your eyes with an eye serum or cream for a instant eye mask. Use this every morning, beginning at the center of your face and moving outwards with gentle but firm pressure! 


Quick Tips

  • Apply facial oil or serum onto your face first, before using either beauty tools for an easier and deeper rolling experience
  • Keep tools in the fridge for an ultra-cooling effect
  • Roll with sweeping strokes
  • Don't roll too hard, just add a gentle pressure
  • Use for 2-5 minutes max

Both tools have different shapes and sizes, but they essentially have the same benefits in helping to circulate blood flow around the face. If you’re a touch and go kind of person, the rollers will be perfect, but if you have all the time in the world, the Gua Sha is your best bet! Include these tools in your skincare regime for an added boost of healthy and some self-love! 

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