Cover Woman with damp face covering from sun.

We can find ourselves with raccoon eyes, shiny skin, and runny lipstick due to the summer heat. It's not super glamorous. Happily, there are tips and tricks to avoid these little annoyances and make one's makeup look last throughout the day. Here are three.

Skincare Is Crucial

We don't necessarily think about it, but the steps taken to prepare the skin are indispensable. After a good night's sleep with appropriate treatment products, the face must be washed with a cleanser adapted to your skin type that is as gentle as possible to avoid overdrying the skin. To avoid having shiny skin by the end of the day, opt for a light serum or cream specifically targeted at unifying the complexion and limiting enlarged pores. The best textures for this are the fresher, lighter gels or water-based creams. Another little trick to combine skincare and well-being during a heat wave: keep your masks and creams in the refrigerator.

Don't Wear Too Much

It's sort of common sense to lighten up on makeup during periods of high heat for those who haven't succumbed to the current "no makeup" trend. There are a few simple rules. It's no surprise that waterproof products, especially mascara, are highly useful in avoiding that "panda" look by 11 am. Foundation is also best avoided, to the extent possible, in favor of BB, CC, or DD creams that offer many benefits at once. Mattifying bronzing powders lend a warm glow without greasy shine. It's best to stick to these two essentials and forget the eyeshadow and eyeliner. For lips, the safest bet are the long-wearing lipstick formulations, but it's still essential to moisturize them because heat can mean dryness.

Having Targeted Solutions On Hand

Mists, setting sprays, and blotting strips: three essential beauty weapons for hot weather. Blotting strips are intended for those with oily skin that quickly becomes shiny; they mattify specific areas by simply absorbing excess sebum. Makeup setters, usually in spray form, are essential for setting foundation or eye shadow or anything else first thing in the morning. The best are the mists that combine several actions: setting makeup, refreshing the skin and hydrating all at once. They're great to use all day long. 

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