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Envious of Korean glass skin? Achieve the look of your dreams with these easy items to add to your routine!

Healthy, hydrated, and luminous: that's what Korean glass skin is all about. Though it looks too good to be true, achieving such complexion is in fact, very possible. Of course, you'll need a little help from these amazing brands: 

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1. For Wrinkles: KAHI

A Korean luxury favourite, KAHI is a Seoul-based beauty company that prioritises "beauty with skincare". Some of the brand's bestsellers are available on BFF MNL, where cult favourites such as the Wrinkle Bounce Core Cream and the Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm are available. We're particularly fond of the latter, which is a moisturising, multi-use balm that provides long-lasting hydration. It contains salmon collagen to restore skin elasticity and minimise pores, as well as schisandra berry oil from Jeju to help the skin absorb its nutrients. The King: Eternal Monarch's Kim Go-Eun swears by this product for her glow! 

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2. For Acne: COSRX

Everyone loves COSRX. They're particularly famous for their effective yet affordable range of anti-acne skincare. The entire line—which includes moisturiser, spot cream, body cleanser, facial cleanser and more—has been formulated with madecassic acid, asiaticoside and asiatic acid to help soothe, heal, and revitalise acne-prone skin. So good, even Hollywood celebs like Emily Ratajowski, love it! 

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3. For Tired Eyes (And Skin): AHC

Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C work hand in hand to brighten skin and combat signs of ageing with AHC's Luminous Glow cream. Though it's been designed for the sensitive area beneath your peepers, it's also suitable for the face. This fantastic 2-in-1 product has quickly become a fan favourite with its promise of brighter skin in 14 days. 

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4. For Male Skin: Innisfree

You may know Ahn Hyeo-seop from hits such as 30 But 17, Abyss, and Doctor Romantic but you may also know him as Innisfree's ambassador for their amazing all-in-one Forest For Men Essence. Lazy debonairs may use this essence as both toner and lotion, and reap the benefits of hydration, skin-barrier strengthening, pore-tightening, and more—because after all, skincare is for everyone!   

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5. For Radiant Skin: Laneige

An actress since the age of 5, Kim Yoo-jung has starred in multiple K-dramas. Yet, despite her busy workload and fast-paced life, she's always appeared bright and radiant before her audiences. Her secret? Laniege's Radian-C cream. Enriched with Vitamin C and E, this hardworking facial cream strengthens the skin barrier while working double-time to even skin tone and brighten the complexion. 

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6. For Sensitive Skin: Axis-Y

Sensitive skin is nothing to worry about with our favourite Axis-Y Green Vital Energy Sheet Mask. Loaded with nutrients, the mask boasts of ingredients that include broccoli, spinach, cabbage, rosemary and sage, all of which help to nourish skin with much-needed vitamins. Mugwort extract and centella asiatica work hand in hand to soothe and cool the skin, while sodium hyaluronate hydrates the face. 

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7. For Straightforward Skincare: Sulwhasoo

We love straightforward skincare. For something simple yet effective, opt for Sulwhasoo's First Care Activating Serum. After washing the face, apply the serum generously over your complexion to help build the strengthen the skin moisture barrier. Not only does it help you achieve radiant complexion, but it also protects the skin from external stimuli such as pollution!

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8. For Protection Against Humidity: Beauty of Joseon

Humidity causes sweat and sweat causes...clogged pores. While there's nothing we can do about our country's notorious humidity, there is plenty we can do to help our skin acclimate to local conditions. Our top trick is Beauty of Joseon's Green Plum Toner. It targets whiteheads, blackheads, and rough skin with 25 per cent Korean green plum water and glycolic acid. Not only will you be minimising your pores, but you'll also be achieving brighter, plumper skin. 

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9. For Supple Skin: Dear Klairs

Korean glass skin is all about happy, healthy skin, skin that's supple and soft. To achieve this, try Dear Klairs' Supple Preparation Toner. It's unscented and mild, the perfect best friend that can soothe angry skin. It also deeply nourishes and preps the complexion to absorb your next round of serums and creams. 

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