Enlisting the help of two of Hong Kong Tatler’s favourite make-up artists—Jaime Smith and Karen Yiu—we’ve sourced the best tips, tricks and foundations to help you get that flawless foundation look this spring

How To Properly Prep Your Skin:

Karen highlights the importance of using rosewater and mineral water to get ultra-plump skin, while Jaime shares the importance of understanding primers—and why you might not even need one. 
Karen: “To ensure the foundation stays on the skin best, we need to get good skin conditions so we start with exfoliation and then keep the skin moist—but I don’t put moisturiser on just yet! I follow this up with mineral water or rose water padded gently onto the skin which works to plump up the skin for 15 minutes and then I’ll apply the moisturiser.”
After this rejuvenating skin process, Karen works the foundation into the skin followed by a light powder and a fixing spray, “I like to use Make Up For Ever,” she says.

Jaime: “I don’t believe that every skin type needs a base (primer) under their foundation. In fact, some bases will alter what you are trying to achieve with the foundation you choose when used together.  Prepping the skin with good skin care may be all you need,” Jaime says.
Jaime suggests trying on the base with your favourite foundation before you commit to buying it. “A base can enhance your foundation, but it can also bring it down if the formulas don’t match well.”

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How To Get A Natural Flawless Finish:

Jaime: “Foundation should even skin out your tone, it shouldn’t fully cover every pore and sit on top of the skin like a layer of paint and look fake” Jaime says. If you have problem areas and blemishes she suggests going light with your overall foundation coverage and going back with a heavier concealer to pin point the areas that need it.
In order to enhance the shape of your face, make sure your foundation matches your skin colour, add highlights and warm up the skin with other contouring products applied on the correct areas of the face. “All over too pale or too bronze looks silly and flattens the features of your face” she says.

Karen: “Don’t go too light if you’re going for long-day wear because it will run out in a few hours, so sometimes we need to put on thicker amounts of foundation and powder if you want to keep it on for extended periods of time, like 12 hours.”

Jaime and Karen's Favourite Foundations:

Jaime: My favourite foundation right now is  IT cosmetics, Your Skin but Better CC+ cream.This foundation goes on so smoothly and flawlessly, and has a pretty medium but buildable coverage. Plus, it has an anti-ageing hydrating serum and a 50+ SPF built in.
My other go-to foundations are Armani Luminous Silk foundation and NARS Skin Tint foundation. Both of the above are medium coverage that you can build up fully in the areas needed or mix with a moisturizer to make it lighter. I always go back to both of these brands because they come in a wide range of colours for different skin shades.

Karen: My latest favourite is Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder. A lot of my clients are looking for very light foundation, and the best part about it is that they have a huge variety of shades making it suitable for all skin tones.
On men, I like to use Popstar Cosmetic Screen Concealer. This is the only product we can use on men without it being noticeable.
On skin with acne I like to use Atelier Paris because this is a very full coverage foundation and it’s waterproof. I also use this foundation for outdoor bridal occasions, or for models and dancers as it can stay on all day—even if you’re working under heat or in moist environments—and it’s really reasonably priced. All of my students start with this brand.

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