Cover Sunday Riley shares her beauty secrets with Tatler.

The founder of her eponymous skincare brand shares her beauty secrets, along with revealing her top three ingredients for every skin type

Sunday Riley's range of her namesake brand's science-based botanical beauty products is beloved by the likes of Lizzo, Victoria Beckham, and Helena Bonham Carter, and it's no secret why. It was founded in 2009 from Riley's fascination with native plants found on her family's land in Texas, USA. Years of experience working with active skincare ingredients have led to a successful company renowned for its face oils and serums.

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When asked what are her favourite ingredients to work with, Riley replies:  "Alpha hydroxy acid, Vitamin A (retinoids) and Vitamin C. These three ingredients will benefit everyone at any age, be it 19 with oily skin or 90 with dry skin."

According to Riley, many skincare lovers first dipped their toes into the brand with Good Genes, an all-in-one Alpha Hydroxy Acid serum. With two variations of Good Genes, a glycolic or lactic acid formulation, both are great for clarifying the skin; the lactic acid version also provides a boost of hydration.

A+ and Luna are Riley's adaptations of retinoid with Luna's eye-catching blue hue the result of an anti-inflammatory ingredient called blue tansy oil.

The last power hero is Vitamin C, which is the key ingredient in the C.E.O. range, which is formulated with tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate. a Vitamin C derivative that has an enzymatic reaction to your skin for more effective results. 

Tatler Tip: Vitamin C serums should be snow-white or clear as they are the most effective when left unoxidised. Oxidised Vitamin C takes on a yellow or brown colour, and may not be as effective.

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Riley's skincare routine

Morning: Straight out of bed, Sunday starts with two pumps of the C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum mixed with two to three drops of the C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C Face Oil. "For eczema and dry skin, I typically use ceramides twice a day". She then slathers on ICE Ceramide Moisturising Cream for hydration before finishing off with Auto Correct Eye Cream, an ideal solution for those early morning puffy eyes. She also applies it regularly throughout the day as it has light-reflecting particles that make the under eyes appear brighter. 

Night: She strips the day off with the Ceramic Slip Cleanser before applying A+ High-Dose Retinoid Serum and the Luna Sleeping Night Oil. Letting it sink in for an hour or so, Riley then treats her skin to the Good Genes All-In-One Treatment, mixing in the CEO 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum and  ICE Ceramide Moisturising Cream as a final touch.

Riley's favourite product: Good Genes. "I use it at least once a day and I have for over a decade"

Tatler Tip: Apply skincare around the lip line and eye area (near the brow bone) as signs of ageing are the most prominent here.

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