Cover How to give yourself a haircut at home (photo: Getty Images)

If your salon is closed, your hairstylist is social-distancing, and you're at home being a responsible quarantiner during the global coronavirus pandemic, but you desperately want or need a haircut, here are some of the best, most-foolproof, and easiest-to-follow DIY haircut tutorials on the web.

If you've found this article online, you're probably a brave soul who is considering cutting your own hair at home during the Covid-19 global crisis. We commend you. With hair salons and barbers around the world closed and hairstylists quarantining at home, trims and cuts are hard to come by. If you can't wait for a pro new 'do, why not try taking matters into your own hands with a DIY at-home haircut. We've found some of the best easy video tutorials online, covering a variety of popular hairstyles—check them out below. One word of caution: if you're new to cutting your own hair, it's probably safer to go slow. Snip a little at time—because you can always cut more, but once it's sliced off your head, it'll be kind of hard to glue it back on.

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How-to Video: Blunt Cut for Straight Hair

Above Three blunt-cut DIY techniques for straight hair

Spanish influencer Patry Jordan explains three clip-and-snip techniques for giving yourself a quick-and-easy blunt cut—each resulting in a different range of roundedness in the back. This tutorial is best suited to straight hair that is light-to-medium in volume/thickness.

How-to Video: Layered Haircut

Above A DIY haircut demo for people who wear their hair in layers—straight or wavy.

One of the most popular DIY layered haircut videos on YouTube has hundreds of thousands of Likes—no wonder, because Sheetal's seven-minute long video demonstrates a super-easy technique for sectioning and cutting long, layered hair, while maintaining as much length as possible. This DIY haircut technique is best for wavy or straight longer hair—of medium to thick volume.

How-to Video: Bob

Above Here's a DIY haircut technique that will give you an angled A-line bob.

A good all-around technique for anyone looking for a blunt-in-the-back cut with soft, face-framing layers in the front, this DIY haircut technique from Sharee Anonuevo is super-simple to follow, and is enhanced if you have some special tools on hand: a hair clipper or buzzer (for an ultra-blunt, clean finish) and a haircutting comb/razor (for the soft, feathery ends in front). 

How-to Video: Pandemic Bangs

Above How to trim your own bangs at home: with care.

If you don't have bangs, maybe now is not the right time to give yourself the gift of bangs. It's dangerous, there's a strong probability they won't come out exactly as you'd hoped and then... you're stuck with bad bangs on your head. I guess you'll be in quarantine so maybe it doesn't matter. But still. Anyway, please proceed with caution when trimming your existing bangs at home. Do like Korean KOL Leean does—make a plan, trim a little bit at a time, and whatever you do, don't pull your hair tense as you're cutting. 

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