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Nothing achieves a set of perfect feathered brows quite like beauty’s latest craze—eyebrow lamination

The return of the lush, ultra-bushy brow has been a source of frustration for those of us who spent our teenage years over-plucking. I had magnificently thick brows as a kid. But caving to trends, I plucked them into the thin, matchstick-like oblivion that was so trendy in the early 2000s. “They’re not going to grow back, you know!” I remember my dad telling me. Much to my chagrin, he was right.

Luckily, the beauty industry is one built on selling solutions. While microblading has become a common remedy for buffing up brows over the past few years, there’s a new hero in town that goes by the curious name of eyebrow lamination. Essentially a perm for your eyebrows, this increasingly popular procedure lifts and structures your existing hairs to create the look of a full and feathery set of brows, as envied on models such as Taylor Hill and Bella Hadid.

Unlike microblading, which can be uncomfortable and costly, not to mention a commitment, as the results last up two years, eyebrow lamination offers a needle- and commitment-free option. It also doesn’t require a healing period because unlike microblading, which works on the skin, eyebrow lamination works directly on the hairs to add depth and definition. The results last up to eight weeks.

Is there a catch?

Dermatologists have warned that those with sensitive skin might want to tread carefully, since the skin around the eyelids is some of the most delicate on the body. At least 48 hours before your treatment, avoid products that can sensitise the skin like retinol and topical acne treatments. If you really want to play it safe, ask to do a patch test to see how your skin responds. If you’re in the clear, go forth and conquer those brows.

How does it work?

Step 1

A lifting cream is painted onto the brow, creating a chemical process that relaxes the hairs, making them more malleable so they can be reshaped. Your beauty technician will shape and comb the hairs upward to achieve a feathered look. They are then covered with plastic wrap for 15 minutes, allowing the formula to set.

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Step 2

A fixing lotion is applied to your newly shaped brows to hold them in place. Like step one, it is then covered in plastic wrap for about 15 minutes, essentially flattening—or ‘laminating’—your brows to your face.

Step 3

A soothing solution is carefully rubbed over the brows to replenish moisture, giving your skin some gentle TLC following the chemical treatment process.

Step 4

The final polish. Stray hairs are plucked or waxed as needed and, depending on the look you’re going for, a tint may be added. The entire process takes about an hour, and there’s no after care required. Just make sure they don’t get wet for 24 hours; it’s best to show up to your appointment clean-faced and make-up free, so you don’t risk ruining your new brows by washing your face.

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