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The Oscar-winning actress and Goop founder is the new global ambassador for German aesthetics company, Merz Aesthetics

It is undeniable that Oscar-winning actress-turned-Goop founder, Gwyneth Paltrow has revolutionised the landscape of modern beauty and wellness. She cracked open beauty and wellness taboos, and initiated hard conversations with her Goop audience, making trends like clean beauty and crystals into what we know today. Not to mention—wait for itB12 shots for your behind, something you don't have to be ashamed in trying or wanting.

Ultimately, Paltrow's wellness philosophy and authenticity are things I have tried to embrace and approach myself. So, when I was told I would be interviewing the icon for her partnership with Merz Aesthetics to be their global ambassador, launching their corporate commitment of 'Confidence to be' to empower people across Asia-Pacific to be the best versions of themselves, I could hardly contain my excitement. 

Merz Aesthetics, born out of Frankfurt, Germany, and global body to be headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina prides itself on its long history of empowering health care professionals, patients, and employees to live every day with confidence. Their product portfolio includes injectables, devices, and skin care treatments designed to meet each patient's needs with the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

While Paltrow's relationship with Merz may have raised some eyebrows initially, their partnership represents the dichotomy of the beauty industry today, one where clean beauty, clinical aesthetics, and wellness can live side by side to continue empowering and shaping the modern landscape of beauty. In an exclusive interview with Tatler Malaysia, Paltrow tells us why she took the plunge with using the Merz Aesthetics anti-wrinkle injection, her beauty philosophy, and how the modern consumer should navigate the market to find what's right for them. 

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How have you been feeling and spending your time during this crazy and tumultuous year? 

Thanks for asking! I’ve been pretty well, all things considered. We’ve had our highs and lows. But feeling grateful that we're all okay and that we've had a lot of really lovely family time, I like that life has slowed down a lot. There have definitely been things that will be hard to leave when we go back to normal life, I think. 

What drew you towards this collaboration with Merz Aesthetics? 

The only anti-wrinkle injection that I have ever gotten for a really long time happened to be the Merz product and I really loved it because it was purified. My doctor was explaining it to me about three years ago and I really liked the result, it's really natural. You only need just a teeny bit for two wrinkle lines. So when they asked me to be the global ambassador, I thought it felt very natural. We seem to really stand for the same things, similar values, and really about empowering women and so I was honoured that they chose me. I'm really happy. 

Do you think that medical aesthetics and clean beauty can co-exist? 

I think you're seeing that they do co-exist. For me, when I'm thinking of beauty products and what I use on my skin, I think about how absorbable your skin is. And that 68 per cent of what you put on your skin gets transdermally absorbed. So if every day you're putting toxins and chemicals on your body, that may have some kind of impact.

I think women who choose to do aesthetic treatments, whether its laser or a little injectables, you're talking about a very infrequent treatment and a very small dose, so you're not talking about covering your whole body in the chemical. So I think it's nice to be aware as a modern consumer and find a good balance and do what's right for you. 

I remember when you publicly swore off anti-wrinkle injection a couple of years back. How is the Merz Aesthetics anti-wrinkle injection treatment different?

It's a purified product and the results are very natural for me. It doesn't freeze the face in that way, and I really appreciate how it works. I think it's a great product. 

How does it work? 

Well, you go see your doctor and find out what might be right for you. This Merz product is just a teeny little shot and you just look like you've had a great night's sleep.

Has this inspired you to fall deeper into the world of aesthetic treatments?

You know, I'm still a less-is-more kinda girl and I truly believe that to achieve the beauty results I want, I have to exercise and sweat, drink water, and eat healthy food. I am still who I am at my core. So for me, less is always more. 

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How has your approach and perspective on beauty and wellness evolved throughout the years?

When I was younger I was a real tomboy. I never had a beauty regime, I was very minimal. I had never worn sunscreen and now that I'm in my late 40s, I definitely have a different approach and I definitely want to try and preserve my skin. I have a whole beauty routine and I try different facials and things like that. I really am not afraid of ageing, I just want to age as best as I can. 

Have your thoughts on ageing changed dramatically in the past few decades?

Not really, I think it's just sometimes it's a surprise when you realise that you're not 28 anymore. But I would never ever want to go back to being 28. I think it's just about approaching it gracefully and with gratitude.

What would be your advice to women who want to "age gracefully"? 

I think it's so specific to each woman. I think it's hard to give advice. I think the best thing is that if a woman is interested in aesthetics, she should go and make an appointment with a doctor they trust. It especially helps for you to see the work of the doctor and you trust them going in. Maybe you've done the research, you just have a very candid conversation about what's available and what might work [for you]. 

What is beauty to you?

Beauty to me is really a pursuit of a feeling more than anything else. Not so much what you see when you look in the mirror or how you judge someone else to look. But the feeling of beauty—that expansive, inspiring feeling. That is really what I think of when I think of the word 'beauty', I think of it as a noun.

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