Givenchy's extension of the classic skin care range is a tale as old as time, exploring the ocean depths to bring a new range of revitalising skin oils

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Photo courtesy of Givenchy 

Over ten years of research, Givenchy Beauty’s Le Soin Noir is a regenerative skincare range which harnessed the healing powers of ancient anti-ageing algae. Off the success of this formula, Givenchy dove deeper in their studies of life beneath the surface and discovered some even greater secrets lurking on the ocean floor. For 2016, Givenchy Beauty presents a twin skin formula, an object of design and an anti-aging solution for the modern woman: Le Soin Noir & Blanc Huiles Originelles.

Researchers observed that the ancient algae used for Le Soin Noir have survived for millions of years, persisting through enormous ecological and geological changes in the earth. Their innate ability to endure stems from their ability to store energy and retain moisture in the perfect balance. Givenchy Laboratories discovered another micro-alga, Phormidium Persicinum. was a leading example of this natural balance and developed a way to extract this synergy.

Using only the most exceptional of natural ingredients, this luxurious and holistic serum marks a new era for skin care. Givenchy Beauty bridges the binaries of night and day with a dual oil which caters to the unique environmental and biological factors which affect us at different hours for the optimum in skin regeneration.


Photo courtesy of Givenchy 

Le Soin Noir & Blanc Huiles Originelles work together to prevent, protect and revitalise skin for a more youthful and glowing complexion. Blanc, intended for day use, focuses on preventing the harmful effects of UV rays while rejuvenating existing damage and smoothing flaws in the pigmentation. Noir is applied before bed and tries to stimulate the circulation, thereby increasing cellular energy flow and activating the skin to naturally revitalise and regenerate while you sleep, so you wake up fresh face and glowing.

The harmony of the day and night serum restores balance to the skin. The light oil is non-greasy, and a few drops are enough of the incredibly intense ingredients to rub on the neck and face, using Givenchy Beauty’s specially developed massage technique.

Serum Oil (15mlx2) HKD 3,400 / Lotion Essence (150ml) HKD 1,000

The oil serum is available from October 1st 2016  at Lane Crawford Canton Road (+852 2115 9959) and Lane Crawford Times Square (+852 2111 0722)

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