Keep looking stress-free with these items from Adore

Life is difficult, but suffering is optional! Don’t let your stress and problems show on your face. Studies have shown that stress can really cause a lot of damage to one’s skin. In fact, Jennifer Rock, author of “The Skin Nerd” shares in her book how stress is unavoidable and may cause chronic skin conditions and dehydration.

So, beyond getting your beauty rest, maintaining a balanced diet, and the constant reminder to hydrate, here are some secret tools you may want to use to have that enviably fresh #WokeUpLikeThis worthy look:

1. Beauty Drops Concentrate Night Treatment

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This little trinket takes care of those stubborn deep wrinkles, dull patches and sun damage. This uses Rose Fruit Oil and Plant Stem Cells, both packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids, that work to soften the look of line and skin discoloration. You can use this on its own or under your favourite night cream!

2. Nu Apple Peel-Off Mask

Packed with active antioxidants, this peel off mask deeply cleanses skin locking onto dirt and debris. As an added bonus, with a powerful combination of ingredients including Apple extract and Fruit Cell Culture, this mask helps brighten up the skin and makes it feel softer to the touch.

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3. Absolute Instant Face and Eye Lift

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If you need that immediate age-defying look, keep this in your bag at all times. Within seconds of using this lift, you can instantly see your fine lines and wrinkles disappear. This product uses an innovative formula containing fruit extracts in a base that includes Peptides, which brings about that fast tightening effect.

4. Cellmax Elite Facial Serum

If you are a serum junkee, this one is a must have in your arsenal. With a high concentration of exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula of Adore, and supplemented with a special complex of Vitamin C, this formula targets the elimination of wrinkles and gives its users that healthy young glow. With continuous use, age will be nothing but a number to tick off.

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5. Advanced Firming Eye Cream

The importance of eye cream cannot be overemphasized for men and women alike. As time passes, skin around the eyes gets loose and dulls the face. Adore’s Advanced Firming Eye Cream is designed for that delicate area around the eyes. With Vitamin E to freshen the skin’s appearance, Soybean Protein and Panthenol to moisturize, and Palmotoyl Tetrapeptide-7 to work on removing wrinkles, this cream is your new best friend.

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