Cover We asked Hong Kong’s top nail artists to help us predict the most popular nail designs for fall 2020 (Photo: Courtesy of Eightyeight)

All the nail art inspiration you need before getting your next mani for the cooler season

Colours such as burgundy, rust and deep navy will always make for classic fall manicures, but just because they’ll never go out of style doesn’t mean you have to always wear them and retire those bright polishes and patterns for good in cooler weather. 
So, to help you step up your nail game this fall, we reached out to Hong Kong’s top nail experts—Wing Au from Eightyeight, Christy Chan from Ooh La La Nails and Nancy Lau from The Nail Library—to find out what shades will be all the rage for the season, as well as the hottest, most beautiful nail art designs that are about to pop up all over your Instagram and Pinterest feeds.

From glittering crystals to playful mismatched nails to bold red tones, these are the best fall nail trends to keep in the camera roll for your upcoming nail appointment. Make sure you get on these looks before your friends do. 

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3D seashell nails

This seashell-inspired nail art is the answer to all your mermaid beauty dreams. Wait, did you think light blue hues and glitter were only a thing for summer? No, you don’t have to wear these tones just for the warmer weather. An ethereal creation, seen here at Eightyeight, is a perfect way to stand out amongst all the warm oranges and burgundies this season.  
“Knowing the end of summer doesn’t mean the end of admiring the ocean,” says Wing Au, Manager at Eightyeight. “Sparkly 3D seashell nails is one of the key nail trends for fall/winter 2020, and it has been undergoing a modern resurgence with a new combination of various shimmery cat eye colours and unique seashell designs”, says Au. Grab a blue cat eye polish that works for you and add the 3D effects as an accent on one or two fingers. Decorate the nails with pearls or crystals for a more elegant result.  

Pixie nails

From bold shattered glass nail art to pretty bracelet nails, South Korea never fails to impress beauty lovers with mesmerising manicure designs. This fall, their new gorgeous “pixie nails” trend will dominate our feeds and it is going to be huge, according to Au.

“Perfect for those who love a simple yet glamourous look, pixie nails is one of the chicest trends in nails to try for the season,” she says. Get in on the action with pink and brown gold ombré nails and pair them with fine crystal dust. Trace the edges of your nails with ultra-thin silver or gold lines and lock them in a shiny topcoat.

Animal print

One trend that we can’t seem to take our eyes off this fall is animal print. “A fashion girl favourite, animal print is a must-have for the new season. The pattern is having a comeback moment with inventive uses of negative space,” says Christy Chan, Founder of Ooh La La Nails

Chic leopard designs and tortoise details are guaranteed to elevate your office outfits and get you tons of compliments, but if you’re after something playful and a little extra, consider black-and-white cow prints. This lovely design is sure to give you picture-perfect nails for the ‘gram. Side tip: Add dimension to you nails with some classic gold embellishments. 

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Bold red tones

Yes, we know red doesn’t feel trendy or unique. But there’s something intrinsically autumnal about it—it makes you feel warm and cosy while giving you seductive vibes. “You can’t go wrong with red nail polish for fall,” says Chan. “Timeless, daring and elegant—the colour red is a power hue that would give you a major confidence boost whenever you wear it.” 
This season, you’ll see the most gorgeous shades of red—from wine red to orange-toned reds, candy apple red, and many more—favoured by the most discerning of the fashion crowd. Brown red and cranberry shades are also great options that look amazing on all skin tones.

Geometric designs with metallic accents

If you think you’ve tried every iteration of geometric manicure, think again. There are endless ways to switch it up, whether it’s colour blocking or negative space inverted crescents. “Geometric design is another trend I’m seeing emerge for fall,” says Chan. “Rather than painting a curve near the nail bed, get ready to expose that nail bed with a nude, or even transparent base coat,” she explains. 

To rock a playful, stylish look, simply pair autumnal hues such as blue, rust and emerald green with sparkling metallic tips. The best part? This design still looks gorgeous as it grows out. 

Cream beige tones

“Nude hues will always be an elegant, sophisticated option for autumn. They are so versatile to wear, which work with any outfit and look great on all skin tones,” says Chan. Nude polish doesn’t mean it has to be boring—from pinky nudes to sandy beige and warm brown nudes, find a shade that appeals to you and throw on a super-shiny or a matte topcoat for a feminine look that never goes out of style. 

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Jelly nails, two tones

The easiest way to give the appearance of fall nail art without doing extra work? Pick two earthy hues and paint them to your left and right hands respectively. According to Nancy Lau, Manager at The Nail Library, “Two tones is still going strong for fall this year. Not only because it’s a super easy method to channel the cosy autumn vibes, but it’s also a versatile, minimalist design that can work well with most, if not all of your outfits.” Perfect colour combos include: deep navy and mustard yellow; creamy lilac and olive green; light grey and pure white.  

You may also want to incorporate this design with another hot manicure trend—jelly nails—which feature a translucent effect that feels unexpectedly fresh and pretty for fall.  

Mismatched nails

Why settle for one nail art trend when you can wear all of them at once? Mismatched nails is an ideal solution for manicure lovers who have trouble settling on a single design or nail polish colour. “Mismatched nails have been a thing for a while now, and there’s no sign of the trend dying down,” says Lau.

The beauty of this trend is that it allows for maximum creativity, where you can dip your fingers in so many different colours, patterns that can perfectly reflect your personality. Take a cue from Lau’s nail art for some inspiration: add a few dots, lines, or shapes in metallic silver and gold colours to your cat eye nails on one hand, then pair them with nude nails with gold foil on another hand to achieve a stylish look. 

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