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Wondering what's in our beauty-obsessed editors' bags? From yuzu-scented hand cream to tried-and-tested sunscreen, here are our editors' number one go-to beauty essentials

Studio Fix by MAC

"I've used MAC's Studiofix since high school—it's one of the most photogenic face powders on the market—and I always (still) keep some stashed in my handbag, in my desk at work, and in various places around my apartment. Also always on hand: Rosebud Salve, which works great as a lip balm, a cuticle cream, and even an in-flight moisturiser in a pinch, and at least a handful of anti-bacterial hand wipes."—Danica Lo, Chief Content Officer

Yuzu hand cream by Biken Co

"I always have a tube of Japanese brand Biken Co’s yuzu hand cream on my desk and a smaller version in my bag—it has the freshest, most convincing yuzu fragrance out of any other products I’ve tried before and it dries to a smooth, non-stick finish. Oh, and since I dine out so frequently, a Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover pen is always handy to get rid of accidental sauce splatters on my clothes."—Charmaine Mok, Editorial Director, Dining

Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh

"Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment to brighten up a no-makeup day and Mario Badescu aloe, cucumber and green tea face spray for when my skin is feeling a bit tight from all the heaters or air-conditioning"—Rosie Lai, Senior Fashion Editor

Lip balm by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

"I have used the same lip balm for more than 15 years: it's by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada in Papaya flavour. I've never found another like it! I also like keeping a compact mirror and some mints on hand for all grooming and fresh-breath needs."—Lauren James, Deputy Editor

Lippe Balm by Drunk Elephant

"Lippe Balm by Drunk Elephant is by far the best I’ve tried. Boscia charcoal blotting paper – especially in humid summer months. Mario Badescu’s facial spray with rosewater. Also, depending on the size of my bag that day, Byredo’s Super Cedar perfume."—Coco Marett, Lifestyle Editor

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Natural lip balm by Live Beautifully

"I always have a Live Beautifully natural lip balm on me, I have one in every bag. On humid days, I make sure to have my Make Up Forever pressed powder to remove the shine on my face."—Natasha Tang, Associate Editor, Dining

Pivoine Flora hand cream by L’occitane

"Hand cream is a key part of my self-care routine and I always have the Pivoine Flora cream from L’occitane in my bag. With an ultra-nourishing formula, the cream can always moisturise and heals my dry hands—especially during this time when we’ve been taught to wash and sanitise our hands more frequently. It smells fresh and sweet, too."—Helen Yu, Assistant Editor 

Liquid matte lipstick by Huda Beauty

"I love a good clutch. Small, quirky and totally impractical especially considering the amount of stuff I always need to carry - no matter what though, I always make sure the bag can fit a Gisou texture comb for my curly hair, a mini pocket mirror (usually taken from an inflight amenity bag) and my favourite Huda Beauty liquid matte lipstick in the shade Bombshell."—Tara Sobti, Society Editor

SPF 50+ sunscreen by Thinkbaby

"A good sunscreen and lip balm can go a long way. I really like the Thinkbaby SPF 50+ sunscreen, it is lightweight and feels and smells very natural. I also carry around a balm that I made from coconut oil, shea butter and almond oil for dry lips, dry skin and to use as a makeup remover."—Kristy Or, Associate Editor

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Galifornia blush by Benefit

"I always have the Galifornia blush from Benefit, a pink and gold blend that gives your cheeks a healthy, sun-kissed glow. And also the Frog Prince lipstick from Lipstick Queen—the lipstick is green-coloured but it turns into a natural, pretty shade of pink once you applied it on your lips. Both items are easy to use and looks natural‚ perfect for quick touch-ups at your desk or on the road."—Jacqueline Kot, Editorial Director, Special Projects

Dark Tanning Oil by Hawaiian Tropic

"For a thalassophile, a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil is body lotion, sunscreen and perfume all in one!"—Zabrina Lo, Associate Features Editor

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