French skincare brand FillMed Laboratories has made its debut in the Philippines — and it should be on your radar.

Dr Hayden Kho, managing director of Laboratories FillMed Philippines, and Dr Vicki Belo chose to bring FillMed Laboratories to Filipinos because they strongly believe in investing in an excellent skin routine. Dr Kho shared that when he first learnt about them (on a trip to Paris for a medical convention), he knew that it was something they needed to bring home. 

Dr Vicki Belo agrees, saying that: “Ageing should be something celebrated and not dreaded. There is a way to age without looking aged.” 

Since 1978 FilMed Laboratories has dedicated itself to a beauty revolution rooted in science, and dermatological expertise, formulating top of the line products. Made by experts, their collections are designed for other industry leaders like surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners, to give to their patients, knowing that they can trust in FillMed’s quality. The brand is found in many clinics across France, Europe, and now in the Philippines. 

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The brand takes a 360-degree approach to beauty and skincare. Instead of simply addressing signs of ageing, they also work to actively prevent it by enhancing skin quality. From fillers to peels, face and eye creams to masks, FillMed Laboratories has anchored their innovations on cellular biology. They have dedicated their practice to creating anti-ageing products filled with hyaluronic acid amongst other hand-picked, tried and tested ingredients. What they bring to us are formulas designed to regenerate and repair our skin. 

One of their star products is the New Cellular Treatment Factor (NCTF) which is meant to be injected to reduce fine lines and wringers by removing dull skin and bringing back a radiant glow. The formula has hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. They are proud to also have developed the Nanosoft Needle - the smallest needle in the market at only 0.66mm, which is three times smaller than your average needle. This makes the process of using NCTF seamless and fuss-free.

Their Gluconolactone Peels combat age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles by restoring a glow to uneven skin colour and texture. It contains an exfoliating acid that acts as an antioxidant that enriches and restores the skin’s barrier while also moisturising. 

Their top of the line fillers are made with Tri-Hyal technology, using gels made from non-animal origin hyaluronic acid. Once injected into the dermis, your face will look rejuvenated and fresh! 

Aside from products that are designed to be applied with a physicians supervision, they also have an everyday collection called Skin Perfusion Line which is meant to enhance your own skin and maintain the results of any cosmetic procedures one may have had. 

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FillMed has had some of the metro’s opinion leaders test out products in order to prove themselves. Fashion designer Patricia Santos swears by the Hydra Serum, while content creator, yoga instructor, investor and DJ Katrina Razon puts her trust in the HXR Eye Cream. Ria Prieto, editor and lifestyle influencer has been enjoying the Glycopeel Mask which she says is her new “holy grail of masks!”. On the other hand, actress Rihan Ramos and Dr Vicki Belo are fans of the NCTF injections, saying that they have clearly seen how their skin reacted positively. 

FillMed is brought to us by the SASHI Group headed by the Kho-Belo tandem and will be available at a variety of dermatological and aesthetic clinics in the Philippines. To find out how to get your hands on their products visit or check out their Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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