Developed from the ancient power of ferns, Royal Fern is the dermatologist’s answer to anti-ageing

We get it—almost every skincare brand has an anti-ageing product line that promises to reduce visible signs of ageing, and it’s becoming more overwhelming than ever to find a skincare brand that does what it promises.

Enter Royal Fern, a premium skincare brand developed by Munich-based dermatologist Dr. Timm Golueke and biochemist Dr. Leonhard Zastrow who holds more than 500 patents for the industry. Combining 15 years of clinical experience and research with the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the 400-million-year-old fern, Dr. Golueke launched Royal Fern in 2015—a science-backed solution to his international clientele’s skin concerns throughout the years.

As a sought-after dermatologists, Dr. Golueke is known for his expertise in laser therapy, alongside other aesthetic procedures such as botox, filler and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). But you’d be mistaken to think he’s a cosmetic doctor, as he often consults on an array of dermatological topics including acne, rosacea, allergies and other skin conditions.

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We caught up with Dr. Golueke on his trip to Hong Kong for the official launch of Royal Fern at Harvey Nichols, Landmark to talk about his anti-ageing skincare line, common skincare mistakes and his tips for healthy, youthful skin:

How did you discover your passion for beauty and skincare?

I’ve always been interested in beautiful things, it comes from my love for travel and collecting art—I was here for Art Basel a few years ago. This was my first contact with beauty before becoming a doctor. Skincare is something I’ve been using on myself as I’ve always had very sensitive skin. I started to use skincare products when I was 13, not to look prettier but because I needed it.

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What made you choose Royal Fern as the main ingredient in your skincare line?

My biochemist partner and I were looking for a unique plant-based ingredient and I came across a study from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. They give fern as a supplement for melanoma patients because fern protects the cell DNA from UV rays and pollution. Then we started to look into the fern and decided that royal fern would be the key ingredient of our skincare line.

What's your best tip for fighting skin ageing?

Avoid the sun, protect yourself from urban pollution, sleep at least seven hours a day, and be happy.

What's the most common mistake women make in their skincare routine?

It’s over usage of skincare and using skincare that doesn’t fit your skin type. Switching too often between products is also a common problem—our skin needs at least four weeks to adapt to a new product as that's how long it takes for a natural skin cell turnover to occur.

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How will Royal Fern products benefit Asian women’s skin?

The skin concerns for Asian and Western skin types are slightly different. There’s more urban pollution in Asia, so strong antioxidative ingredients are key. More sun exposure also means pigmentation is more likely to occur, and the humidity climate calls for skincare products with lighter texture.

Our unique Royal Fern Complex—which is infused in every Royal Fern product—is free from mineral oils and parabens, and is packed in liposomes which are released into the skin over the course of 12 hours, so when you apply the cream, it gets absorbed quickly and you can apply SPF and makeup right after as the texture is very light.

What are your greatest skincare secrets?

I try to sleep between seven to eight hours every day, use SPF regularly and cleanse my face thoroughly every night before going to bed. It’s important, especially if you live in an urban environment as micro dust is one of the main reasons for ageing skin. 

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What makes Royal Fern different from other medical skincare brands?

We call Royal Fern the new generation of plant-based luxury skincare. The concept is unique as we are the only skincare brand in the world to use fern as the key ingredient—it’s one of the oldest plants on earth and one of the first plants which came from the sea and developed on land. It’s evergreen and highly resistant to pollution and sunlight.

Not to mention our skincare line is developed by a dermatologist, who sees patients every day and understands different skin types and skin concerns. Every product came from the heart of the clinic, from the moment the idea was developed to product tests. My patients also helped in the process as we gave them samples to try and received feedback from them. Royal Fern was born from the life of a dermatologist and the power of a plant-based ingredient.

If you have to pick one, which product would you recommend to someone who’s new to Royal Fern skincare products?

I’d recommend the Phytoactive Anti-Oxidative Ampoules, especially if you live in an urban environment as you’ll need extra antioxidants after a day out in the city. The ampoules are filled with highly concentrated antioxidants combined with vitamin C, grapeseed, green tea mixed with hyaluronic acid. It combats two major skin concerns by neutralising the free radicals from the day and moisturising the deepest layers of the skin.

The ampoules are easy to travel with and you can add them to your daily skincare routine with any cream you prefer. We also have a toner coming out in September this year, which minimises and deeply cleanses the pores using the antioxidative royal fern extracts, so stay tuned!

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