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Nearly three decades on, DMark Beauty and DermAsia continue to lead the way in providing world-class beauty solutions throughout the country

In today’s highly competitive beauty industry, companies that innovate are the ones that are best primed for success. Here in Asia where countries like Japan and South Korea are running neck to neck when it comes to developing new products to meet the evolving requirements of clients, it pays to be able to bring effective solutions and cutting-edge aesthetic technologies to one’s target market.

Over the past two decades, DMark Group of Companies composed of DMark Beauty Corporation and DermAsia has risen high above the competition, bringing in top quality dermatological solutions and methodologies from some of the world’s foremost names in skincare and aesthetic surgery.

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DMark Beauty CEO Nikki Tang shares why world-class beauty solutions matter in the Philippine market.
Above DMark Beauty CEO Nikki Tang shares why world-class beauty solutions matter in the Philippine market.

According to CEO Nikki Tang, the group’s success has been built upon two key elements: a clear vision of where she and her brother, Managing Director Charles Mandy, want to steer the companies as well as a highly personal approach to dealing with clients and other stakeholders.

“We are committed to sustaining our market leadership as one of the most innovative distribution companies in the field of beauty and aesthetic dermatology,” Tang explains when asked about the longstanding vision for the company.

“Our aim is to revolutionise the Philippine beauty industry by investing in our aesthetic and dermatological portfolio. We make sure that the products we bring in are backed by state-of-the-art technology, the latest in scientific research and proven clinical safety.”

Throughout its history, DMark Beauty has brought in numerous global skincare lines which offer products that address different skin problems, each one delivering on the promise of healthy, beautiful skin at any age.

Among the innovations the brands have introduced over the past couple of years are a two-serum regimen from Endocare that helps strengthen the skin barrier against environmental contaminants; revivifying probiotic skincare from American dermatological brand Glowbiotics MD, daily care solutions from Bioderma and restorative hair growth modalities developed by Regenera.

In terms of aesthetic technologies, DermAsia offers high-precision Alma-Q lasers as an aid for skin remodelling and the removal of pigmented lesions and other blemishes, as well as skin imaging technology by Foto Finder.

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But even innovative companies have not been spared by the ravages of the ongoing pandemic. Over the past year, Tang and her team have had to make significant adjustments to their core business. Fortunately, the 'beautypreneur' had the foresight to introduce the necessary measures.

“It pays to be flexible these days,” she explains. “We have chosen to be open to controlling costs. We have also pivoted to digital technology to improve our brand visibility.” This approach involves using the most practical means to stay relevant and well ahead of the competition.

But if there is anything that hasn’t changed where DMark Beauty and DermAsia are concerned, it’s the way they continue to take a personal approach when dealing with both suppliers and clients. For Tang, it’s the best way to strengthen working relationships and to stay abreast of a constantly evolving industry.

To know more about DMark Beauty and Derm Asia, please feel free to visit their official website, or follow their official Facebook page Dermasia Corporation. You may also check them out on Instagram @Dmarkbeauty and @Dermasiacorp.