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Here's how you can dye your hair like the experts at home

There is only one way to achieve salon-finish hair colour at home: by learning from the masters on YouTube. In a sea of DIY videos created by both amateurs and experts, only a few can actually help get you your dream hair. 

Instead of clicking on a video for its clickbait thumbnail—we've all been there—try to go over useful and expert tips from the same people we seek advice from in salons.

Ultimate guide to hair colour with Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo is a hairdresser you can trust when it comes to colouring your hair on your own. Not only is Brad warm and charming, but he will also walk you through every step. He's also not one to sugarcoat things—despite how sweet he can be on camera—as he wants to make sure you do the right thing.

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Basics of hair colour levels with Ellebangs

Before you get started on dyeing your hair, be sure to understand the basics of colour so you can choose which fits you best. And professional hairstylist, Ellebangs will help you through this eight-minute crash course on colour levels. It's a great way to prevent hair dye nightmares in the future.

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Bleach Hair with Hair Buddha

Dyeing your hair blonde on your own can be scary. However, if you have no other option, it's best if you learn from the experts. Try to follow expert Hair Buddha's instructions as he explains each step as easy as he can. He also gives great advice at the earlier part of the process to make sure you're ready to turn your hair a few tones lighter.

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