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And every bubble bath and foot soak hereafter

1. The Mineraw Honey Glow Scrub

Packed with the goodness of brown sugar, raw honey, grape seed oil and rose geranium oil, The Mineraw's pampering body scrub boasts anti-aging properties and even doubles as an ideal exfoliating product for cracked, dry lips.

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If you're looking to transition from body scrubs that contain micro-beads (these contain plastic particles that ultimately contribute to water pollution), check out The Mineraw's range of face and body scrubs, mostly made with 5 ingredients or less and free of synthetic fragrances, artificial colorants, parabens and other additives. Free from preservatives, the Honey Glow Scrub boasts a shelf life of about a year once opened.   

Order online at (Free shipping for orders over RM50, with 2 items per order) or at (Free shipping for orders over RM100 for Peninsula Malaysia)


2. Herbivore Botanicals Calm Soaking Salts

When's the last time you had a good soak in the tub – bath salts, candles and all? Made with Himalayan pink salt, vegan beauty brand Herbivore's ylang-ylang and vanilla-scented bath salts can help you create your own little aromatherapy corner in the bathroom.     

Order online at

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3. Wunderbath Bubble Bath Bomb Cupcake

Wonder not at this cupcake-shaped bath bomb by local brand Wunderbath – the hand-made soaps and bath bombs that have emerged from the 'Wunderlab' have long taken on an interesting range of shapes, from kuih-muih, mooncakes and durians to dentures and hearts (of the anatomical kind).

We also love Wunderbath's lavender and rose-scented 'Love Is In The Bear' bath bomb with its surprise hidden inside.   

Order online at (Free shipping in West Malaysia for orders over RM150)

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4. Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

Did someone say coffee? Primed to thrill caffeine addicts everywhere, Frank Body's Original Coffee Scrub will help ease breakouts, stretch marks and scars while working its moisturising wonders on dry, stressed-out skin.  

Order online at (Free shipping for orders over RM80)

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5. The Body Shop 100% Natural Shea Butter

If the thought of using shea butter during bath time puzzles you, allow us to explain. Ever since The Body Shop posted this video on how to create your own 'bath melt' with shea butter and Body Shop bath foams, the shea butter beauty hack has only grown in popularity. 

Also, check out the British Rose exfoliating gel body scrub – it'll leave you and your bathroom smelling as sweet as an English rose garden in spring. 

Order it online at (Free shipping for Body Shop members from 1 April onward)

6. Lush Black Rose Bath Bomb

A beautiful blend of Turkish roses, geranium leaves, fair trade cocoa butter and more, this exotic bath bomb from eco-friendly bath and cosmetics brand Lush invites you to join the dark side – at least until you dry off. 

Order it online at (Free shipping for orders over RM200)

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