On top of being a lighter, fresher interpretation of the classic, the new spray allows you to choose from 10 limited edition graphic cases to dress your bottle.

Chanel’s iconic N°5 perfume has long mesmerised women the world over.

To coincide with summer when lighter, fresher scents are typically in favour, the French luxury brand has released a new limited edition spray of its best-selling scent.

Called the N°5 Eau Premiere spray, it is a novelty in many areas. Its modern, airy, and all-around lighter interpretation of the N°5 makes it a silky smooth harmony of notes that reveals the delicate facet of the fragrance. 

On top of that, the new spray allows you to choose from 10 limited edition graphic cases to dress your bottle of the spray.

Tying in with its latest ‘The One That I Want’ campaign, you can now choose from a variety of taglines to adorn the case of your N°5 Eau Premiere. Some of them are classic and timeless like ‘You’re The One’ and ‘The Power of 5’. Others read edgier and more memorable like ‘The Power of 5’ and ‘5 is Electrifying’. 

Discover more of the cases or place your online order for one at the official website here.

This summer, make this limited edition spray the one that you want. 



(Photos: Chanel) 


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