Sometimes, a burst of hydration is all your eyes need to look younger, fresher and more radiant.

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If you loved Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Micro Serum premiered last year, there’s another must-have to add to the lineup to complete your Hydra Beauty skincare routine.

The brand opens up a new chapter in the microfluidic story with the launch of its new Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux, a gel serum for the eyes. 

Like with the Micro Serum, it offers a unique sensory experience with key active ingredients of camellia alba for hydration and blue ginger for protection so you can now get reinforced performance in terms of moisturisation and radiance for both the face and eyes.

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Formula of finesse

We all know that the sensitive skin around our eye area requires special care; the Micro Gel Yeux does this with galenical camellia micro-droplets, specially formulated for the eye area. It works primarily by plumping up dehydration lines for an intense, instant smoothing effect.

Microfluidics technology

The secret lies not only in the ingredients but also how they are formulated. The serum is manipulated on a microscopic scale to pair two fluids together to form micro-droplets of active ingredients. This allows the serum to be instantly absorbed upon application for  a unique sensory experience of immense lightness and freshness.

Fresh bright eyes

The result is a potent eye serum that provides everything the eyes and its surrounding contour need – it restores beauty while reducing dark circles and keeping early wrinkles at bay. Skin is fully moisturised and protected against free radicals, letting your refreshed, smoothed and brightened eyes shine through. 

Learn more of the new eye serum at the official website here.

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