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Tucked away under the five star Place Vendôme hotel, the Chanel Au Ritz Paris is one of city's best-kept secrets with its customised, multi-sensory beauty and wellness experiences

It’s a well-known fact that Mademoiselle Coco Chanel lived at the Ritz. She may have had a home and an atelier at Rue Cambon (just a block away), but she, amongst many influential creatives of her time, found comfort in the five-star Parisian hotel.
While her legacy lives on at the hotel with the hotel’s famous Coco Suite, there is also an area tucked away in the basement of the hotel that celebrates the designer’s refined and luxurious art of living. Enter Chanel au Ritz—an area of the spa dedicated to holistic beauty treatments to make beauty glow from within.

Upon entering the spa, guests are whisked away through a corridor to a private therapy room with hints of Mademoiselle Chanel's favorite things; black and white lacquer walls, an armchair fabricated in the fashion house's iconic black and white tweed, and also walls adorned with Chinese panels, reminiscent of Coco Chanel’s iconic Rue Cambon apartment.

The treatment begins with an in-depth dialogue with the beautician, who carefully asks about your skin troubles, stress levels and mood, as each experience is bespoke and catered to one's needs.

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Treatments, which vary from facials to full-body healings, are designed to bring peace and rejuvenation to your body and mind. The most comprehensive treatment is Le Grand Soin, which is a customized full-body treatment.

Other special experiences feature the use of Chanel's iconic skincare ranges; Hydra Beauty promises a deeply replenishing and hydrating experience; Le Lift puts the focus on firming and sculpting; Le Blanc delivers radiant and luminous skin; and my personal favourite, Sublimage, targets to regenerate and detoxify the skin. 

The core of each treatment is Le Massage de Chanel, which fuses Eastern and Western techniques that are gentle and calming. Tension and stress are relieved from the body and face with a deep tissue massage, coupled with pressure point targets.
While most guests jot off to their next appointment post-treatment, I encourage you to stay and enjoy their special detoxification drink (a healthy beetroot concoction) at the poolside for the final part of your Chanel Au Ritz journey. 

Discover the full range of Chanel au Ritz treatments at Ritz Paris here

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