Cover Sarah Rutson And Lena Xiao team up to launch CelleRx (Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Rutson/Instagram)

CelleRx's launch comes amidst the pandemic where beauty consumers see a rise in maskne due to face mask wearing

Need a cure for maskne? Sarah Rutson and Lena Xiao's recently launched brand, CelleRx is here to help. The direct-to-consumer, prescription-grade brand has just one star product: Clinical Reset. It's a patented spray solution containing pure and bleach-free hypochlorous acid which is not only gentle on the skin but also doesn't dry it or mess with your natural pH balance.

The co-founders worked with NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, who also make Neutro Phase, skin and wound cleanser and Avenova, an eyelid and eyelash solution. Clinical Reset has been kept under wraps for a while and has been in the works for about a year. Launching the brand and product comes at just the right time, serendipitous even when beauty consumers are seeing a rise in maskne or breakouts because of face mask-wearing during the pandemic.

Clinical Reset is a daily mist which can either be sprayed on the face during your morning cleanse or elsewhere in the body. It can be used together with other beauty products including serums, sunscreen and even makeup. You can also use it as post-workout spray or skin reset during the day especially if you're in a highly polluted environment.

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Following an accident in March where she had a cut on her face, Rutson said she used Clinical Reset to clean the facial wound. Its hero ingredient, hypochlorous acid helps eradicate the leading causes of redness, irritation and skin damage—without stripping your skin.

"I spray on my face throughout the day not just morning and night and my skin has never been better," said Rutson on her Instagram post.

The launch of the brand marks Rutson's foray into beauty, after serving as the former vice president of global buying at Net-a-Porter. She teamed up with her longtime mentee, Xiao whom she met after Xiao graduated from New York University.

Other than her high-profile role at Net-a-porter, Rutson is also known for her fashion style, often seen in street style photos during fashion week. And her nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram proves that many admire her sense of style.

"This is a new category in beauty and one that after all is about healthy skin first before you even think about the ageing part," said Rutson.

CellRx is now available for pre-order on their official website.

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