Cover The four new hydrating products from Jones Road (Photo: Courtesy of Jones Road)

Jones Road's first skincare launch includes moisturising essentials to include in your daily skincare routine

It hasn’t even been four months since Bobbi Brown launched Jones Road, the make-up artist’s new beauty line that focuses on essential products that works on every skin type and tone. Now, the brand has expanded into skincare, with four new products that echoes the brand’s clean beauty ethics. 

The formulas are designed to fit everyone regardless of gender and skin type, and made with clean, nourishing ingredients. For the brand’s first skincare launch, Brown has decided to centre the products around hydration, emphasising the importance of properly hydrated skin. 

“The first lesson is keeping skin properly hydrated. Water, herbal tea and good oils do wonders for hydrating from the inside. For the outside, using the proper moisturizer for your skin type will make your skin look good instantly. If you do both of these things, your makeup is going to go on better and you’re going to look your best,” explains Brown. 

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And hydrate, we shall. Taking the centre of attention is the Miracle Cream, a thick moisturiser that doubles up as an overnight mask to truly hydrate ultra-dry skin. Lightly scented with orange and grapefruit essential oils, the cream comes sealed to keep ingredients fresh and is made with shea butter and sunflower seed oil. Follow up the Miracle Cream with the brand’s Eye Cream, a no-fuss macadamia seed oil and trehalose-based “undereye armour” to keep your under eye area hydrated.

The remaining two products come in a more solid form. The Oil Stick, a multi-purpose face oil is a handy, slightly tinted balm that can be used anywhere on your face that needs an extra bit of hydration throughout the day. Last but not least, the Hippie Stick is for all things that need a bit of care, shine or moisture—whether it’s for your face, body, cuticles, baby hairs or split ends. 

While the first skincare launch is exciting enough, WWD reports that a clean cleanser is currently in the works as well, meaning there’s more to look forward to in the future. 

Jones Road’s skincare line is available online at To learn more, Bobbi Brown explains more about each product on Jones Road’s IGTV 

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