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Tatler insiders share their tips for finding the best of beauty and wellness in Hong Kong

Leave stress behind and carve out a little me-time with go-to wellness services recommended by Adam Bires, Marco M Chan, Jessi Chloe Chen, Lindsay Jang and Christy Wo—from chic tattoos to pick-me-up IV drips to the hairdresser with the best balayage technique.

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Christy Wo, founder of jewellery brand Crisathena

Best Hair Stylist

Ben Lee at La Biosthétique Central: his hair-cutting techniques are unique.

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Best Personal Stylist

Marco M Chan creates style for personality, not just based on trends.

Best Make-up Artist

Zing at Zing the Makeup School is a beauty industry icon who has created looks for stars like Sammi Cheng and Faye Wong. He can do any kind of make-up, from very natural to very colourful, artistic and bold. 

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Best Facialist

Lena Wong at Oneness.

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Best Massage

The Oriental Spa at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental. There are two things I love about the Mandarin’s spa: the amethyst crystal steam room and the Japanese hot stone therapy. Absorbing the energy from the crystal in their spa room calms me down and allows me to communicate with myself and find peace. Hot stone therapy is more like a deep-cleansing therapy that allows you to detox and revitalise. It’s a very good de-stressing activity.

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Lindsay Jang, co-founder of Yardbird Hong Kong and Ronin

Best Facial
IPL at Oneness - it's good for redness, collagen stimulation, pigment reduction, fine lines and it's PAINLESS.

Best Massage

Hava Massage's at-home service.

Best place for brows

Donald Chiu for microblading.

Best Make-up Artist


Best Hairdresser

Triple 8 Salon on Lyndhurst Terrace.

Best Hair Removal 

I do laser hair removal at Swiss O.

Jessi Chloe Chen, managing director of Fuin Real Estate

Best Facial

The Clinic’s Spectra XT laser facial. I’ve been doing it once a month for eight months now, for small pigmentation spots on my left cheek. It has definitely lessened the pigmentation, improved my skin tone and minimised fine lines

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Best Massage

Ten Feet Tall. They have a projector screen playing Nineties rom-coms, fresh coconuts and fro-yo with an array of toppings to choose from. Need I say more?

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Best Hair Colourist

Wayne Li. Of the many colourists I’ve tried in Hong Kong, he’s the only person that does ombre balayage correctly and beautifully.

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Marco M Chan, fashion designer and stylist

Best Spa

I love to hang out at The Oriental Spa at Mandarin Oriental’s sauna and steam room after a nice deep-tissue massage.

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Best IV Drip

I love going to LifeHub and getting their Skin Glow IV drip, which really makes my skin glow like a Korean pop star.

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Adam Bires, marketing manager at Lane Crawford

Best Barber

Hair House Barbershop by Adam Chan has been my shop for years and it’s my therapy. I see Leslie at the Sau Wa Fong location, which is a peaceful spot.

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Best Tattoo Artist

Bubblegum Tattoo Workshop has done some of my most loved tattoos in an iconic Hong Kong style. I also recently got some line work on my wrist from Kevin King [of Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City], which I adore more each day.

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Best Facial

I think Hong Kong’s best-kept beauty secret is Joyce Beauty’s Central treatment suite. They do facials using products from some of my favourite niche skincare brands like 111 Skin and Omorovicza. Also, the Balenciaga robe is ace.

Joyce Beauty's Treatment Suite, 1/F New World Tower, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2869 5816

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